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Bailey Cummings

With a passion for documenting people and places, telling stories, and experiencing new things, becoming the Life & Entertainment editor and now the Editor-in-Chief has been an incredible opportunity for me to do what I love.

I am a Junior pursuing a B.A. in Journalism and Documentary Studies. Diane Arbus, Clarence John Laughlin, Megan Twohey, and Jodi Kantor are a few of my personal heroes.


While my dream is to one day work at NBC (I love you, Jimmy Fallon), as long as I am taking photos, writing, and documenting life, I'll be happy!


I am a freelance photographer and a firm believer that Fall is by far the best season.


Associate Sports Editor

Cameron Cupp

Cameron Cupp will be joining the ASP Staff in the Spring of 2020 as our new Associate Sports Editor.

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Associate Opinions Editor

Liam Jeffries

I am the associate opinion editor here at the ASP and I also hold the prestigious responsibility of creating the weekly crossword puzzle! (If you have a theme you'd like to recommend for the crossword, definitely let me know.)

I tend to focus on political opinion pieces - but I enjoy any piece of writing that has a strong point of view and, most importantly, is well written. I firmly believe that opinions have their place in journalism and, if executed correctly, can serve as a thought-provoking way for ideas and commentary to reach you - the reader.

I’m a NYC-area native who’s currently aiming for an Urban Planning Major and a Political Science Minor. I never say no to anything Queen, Monty Python, Yankees, or Liverpool related. I’m also a Jets fan (I know).

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Photo Editor

Habib Affinnih

Photography is my passion. After contributing to the ASP as a staff photographer for a year, I was excited to take reign as the Photo Editor.


There is nothing quite like the joy of seeing your work out in the world for others to see and enjoy. This is the emotion I want to evoke from the countless photographers within the UAlbany community.

I am a sophomore pursuing the five-year combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program in Computer Science with a minor in Art.

When I’m not shooting or editing for the ASP, I enjoy reading and taking naps.

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Layout Editor

Mike Varius

Since my freshman year, I’ve been captivated by the world of media which makes it nothing but expected that I’d end up at the ASP.


I’m a senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in English. Outside of the ASP, I was formerly an editorial assistant at a PR firm in NYC, then at Civilian Magazine for almost two years. There, I worked directly with the editor-in-chief to help with the launch of the magazine and later began interviewing and writing for the magazine. Now, I’m a Managing Editor for a different publication launching officially in 2020. 


In the future, I aspire to become a screenwriter and director and one day be the showrunner of my very own HBO comedy.


You can tell a lot about someone based on their favorite shows. Mine are: Atlanta, The Sopranos, Veep, Ramy, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Rick & Morty. Wonder what that says about me!

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Sports Editor

Tom Castro

Hi, I'm a sports editor at the Albany Student Press. 

I help to generate story ideas and content including game recaps and feature stories about UAlbany teams and athletes. 

I am majoring in Communications with a minor in Journalism.

I have interned with sports media outlets, including ESPN Radio 104.5 the Team, and COED Media.

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Opinions Editor

Matt Mirro

It has been a point of pride in my life to try to provide a microphone for the many voices on campus. Being able to connect directly with people with different views and ideas has been an experience I couldn’t have asked more from.


I am a senior from Long Island, set to graduate in May of 2020 with a degree in journalism and minors in political science and history. I entered Albany with the same dream I’ll be leaving with: to touch hearts and minds in a way that makes people challenge their beliefs.


I’d ultimately like to be a novelist and foreign correspondent, following in the footsteps of the likes of George Orwell, Philip Roth, and Jill Lepore.

I can regularly be found with my nose in a book. I’m also a huge baseball fan and the movie buff in me has exhausted all of Netflix’s best options.


Copy Editor

Olivia Leonard

Olivia Leonard will be joining the ASP Staff in the Spring of 2020 as our new Copy Editor.

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Social Media Manager

Tessa Sutherland

Hello, I am the social media manager for the ASP.


I joined this semester with the intention of writing. Social media is such an important part of any business now, once the opportunity came up for social media I had to take it. 

I am a sophomore majoring in Documentary Studies and double minoring in Business and Journalism. I am slowly working my way around to get all the experience I can because ultimately I would like to incorporate social media into my career.

I like doing the social media because I get to interact with our readers, connect with alumni, and it gives me a creative outlet.

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Business Manager

Courtney VanWormer

I’m currently a junior who is working towards obtaining a degree in biochemistry with a concentration in molecular biology. 

​My ambitions are to work for a large pharmaceutical company that has values that I wholeheartedly agree with; I want to make drugs that are able to alleviate the pain that people have to go through on a daily basis. 

​On my days off, I enjoy playing video games, sleeping, hanging out with my closest friends, and finding new activities and hobbies to take up!


The best season is fall and I am a huge fan of the oxford comma.