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10 Long Distance Date Ideas for Valentines Day

By Warren Kuhlman | February 14, 2023

If you and your significant other are separated this Valentine’s Day, but still want to celebrate your love and affection for each other, look no further. Here are 10 long distance Date ideas.

1) Online Browser Games- These games don’t require you to download anything, the only thing you need access to is the internet. Things like Geoguessr or the Wikipedia Game are good ways to have fun but also keep a conversation going.

Screenshot from Geoguessr

2) Trivia - This can be done through Kahoot or your own slideshow. The content can be about yourselves Newlywed style or random facts of the world. (Also it can include every variation of Wordle.)

3) Themed Movie Night- Create a whole night planned around horror or movies about cars. You can pair it with some cosplay, themed food, or even put up decorations. A variation on this could be to make a themed playlist, maybe dark academia or what the soundtrack of your favorite book would be. Zoom really is your best friend.

4) Virtual Museum Tour- From The British Museum in London to Guggenheim in New York, museums now have online exhibits where you can experience the art and history from your bed. Google street view style walk throughs or in depth looks at the pieces kept in the museums.

5) Cook Together- Teach your partner how to make a family recipe or try to recreate something from your favorite cooking show. An added benefit is that if you mess up, they won’t know!

6) Steam Games- If you already have the Steam application download, that’s great, if not it’s easy enough to do on your PC. Designed so you can work together separately, games like Unsolved Case or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes can be played while you’re on the phone (or Discord). Just make sure you’re ready to test your relationship.

7) Craft Night- Make something for the other person on a craft night. This could have a fun added element of trying not to show the person what you’re making so you can surprise them with it when you next see them

8) Draw Together- Using platforms like or multiple people can use the same canvas to create a masterpiece or an artistic abomination.

Screenshot from an online drawing platform

9) Audio Book Listening Party- One date night could be a book club for two people. With Audible all you need to do is make sure the setting "Sync Playback Position" is switched on and both of you can listen on separate devices. They say people who read fiction are better empaths and we all know that's beneficial in a relationship.

10) Plan Your Next Trip Together - It’s hard living miles away from your partner but it won't last forever. To ease the heartache until you can see them next, come up with ideas of where you want to go and what you want to do. Local spots you’ve been dying to show them or a vacation where you can both meet in the middle, either way it helps you look to the future instead of the distance.


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