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5 Best Spots Around Albany for a Fall Photoshoot

By Lexie Zanghi | October 30, 2023

Photo Credit: Lexie Zanghi / The ASP

Want to get a couple cute photos in before the weather gets cold and dreary for months on end? Check out these spots to get the best photos with vibrant colors and pretty backgrounds!

Parker Pond (Formerly Indian Pond)

University at Albany Uptown Campus

Photo Credit: Lexie Zanghi/ The ASP

During the fall, this spot is blooming with colors. It has a large pond with many different areas to take a seat and pose. There is a cute bridge and gazebo for you to get cute pictures. It is located right by Liberty Terrace, Indigenous Quad, and the athletic fields.

Six Mile Waterworks Park

135 Fuller Rd, Albany, NY 12205

Photo Credit: I Love NY

Located just a two minute drive or a 15 minute walk from campus, Six Mile Waterworks Park offers plenty of photo opportunities. If you go during golden hour when the sun is setting, the lights and reflections on the water will look so beautiful for your photos. There are also places to sit and set up your phone if you are going solo.

Washington Park

35 Willett St, Albany, NY 12210

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Washington Park in downtown Albany is a large park with many different vibes for photos. You can drive there, or take the bus. You can go to take portraits, couples photos, photos with friends, or just take pictures of nature. They have statues, benches, a bridge, and beautiful paths available for photos.

Albany Corning Preserve - Jennings Landing

1 Quay St Albany, NY 12207

Photo Credit: Discover Albany

Right on the Hudson River downtown is the Albany Corning Preserve. If you go during sunset, it would be so pretty and give you fantastic photos. It also could allow for great nature and scenic photography with the river right there. As seen in the photograph above, you can go right up against the fence and take photos that would serve as a beautiful background for your photo.

Thacher State Park

830 Thacher Pk Rd, Voorheesville, NY 12186

Photo Credit: Lexie Zanghi / The ASP

If you are into nature photography and landscapes, the 25 minute drive to Thacher State Park will 100% be worth it. There are lots of beautiful sights and wildlife for you to photograph. Also, you can climb down and see a gorgeous waterfall and stand behind it. Although you are miles away, you can see downtown Albany clearly, and even campus if you squint!

Whether you use a phone or a fancy digital camera, if you go to any of these scenic spots, your pictures will be Instagram worthy.


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