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7 Superstitions to Watch Out For This Halloween

By Zachary Robinson | October 31, 2022

Spilled salt. Black cats. Walking under ladders. If any of these things make your skin crawl you might consider yourself superstitious. Halloween is the perfect time to learn what these superstitions mean.

1. Black Cats

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Their fur is dark like the night. Their eyes stare deep into your soul. Their unique features entice you, but if one crosses your path you might’ve been exposed to bad luck. Cats made early appearances in history where they were treated as divine symbols. In Greek mythology, Hecate, the goddess of magic, owned a cat as a familiar. A familiar is a supernatural entity that takes the form of an animal. They assist and protect witches as they practice magic. In medieval Europe, black cats were often known to be bringers of bad luck and witchcraft.

2. Bats

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Chiroptera might sound like a magic spell but it is actually the scientific name for a bat. Bats are nocturnal which simply means they’re more active in the night and sleep during the day. Occult experts say nocturnal animals are associated with death, darkness, and the unknown. If you come across a house with bats circling around it the house may be haunted. In German mythology, if a bat flies into your house the devil is after you.

3. Spiders

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Love them or hate them, you can count on seeing these creepy crawlies this Halloween. Similar to black cats, spiders are associated with witchcraft as they are used as familiars. If a spider falls into your candle and dies a witch may be nearby. A spider crawling around is also thought to be a deceased relative or loved one trying to communicate with you.

4. Jack O’Lantern

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Pumpkins are everywhere during Halloween season. Jack O’ Lanterns originated in Irish folklore with a man known as “Stingy Jack.” Jack invited the devil out for a drink and tricked him, turning him into money to pay for the tab. Instead of paying for the drink, Jack kept the Devil near a cross in his pocket stopping him from turning back. Jack bargained with the Devil on the condition that when Jack died, the devil wouldn't claim his soul. When Jack died he was denied entry into Heaven because of his numerous sins and as promised the Devil did not claim his soul. Instead he was given burning coal that he put into a carved turnip. After hearing the story of “Stingy Jack” the Irish began making their own Jack O’ Lanterns used to ward off evil creatures, specifically vampires. The light emitted from the Jack O’ Lanterns are used to expose the identity of vampires, making them surrender.

5. Witches

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Is it paranoia or witchcraft? In 1692, the Salem Witch trials commenced and those who were suspected of practicing the craft were executed. Witches are known for flying on broomsticks, wearing pointy hats, dressing in black, and having cats as pets. The history behind witchcraft stems from the goddess known as “the crone.” The crone was known as wise and symbolized the change of seasons.

6. Candy Apples

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

This sweet treat gets even sweeter. Candy apples can help you peer into the future of your romantic life. If you place a bitten apple underneath your pillow, you might see your future soulmate in your dreams.

7. Why we wear costumes on Halloween

Photo credit: Wiki Commons

Ever wondered why we wear costumes on Halloween? It was believed that the world between the supernatural and mortal world was thin on All Hallows Eve, and that spirits could interact with the living. Some say ghosts would disguise themselves as regular people to beg for goods, and would haunt those who turned them away. We wear costumes on Halloween to trick the evil spirits into thinking we are one of them.

This Halloween check every corner, pumpkin, and mask. You never know who’s watching. Whether you unlocked a new fear or got a laugh, at the end of the day these are just superstitions…or are they?


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