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Alternative Valentine’s Day Playlists for the Lovers, the Dreamers, and Everyone Else

By: Danielle Modica | February 14, 2022

Have you made that “Rainbow Connection” with someone? Maybe not? Either way, let the ASP be your cupid! Whether you’re a lover, a dreamer, or well… anyone else, we have your holiday vibes lined up. Here are some top picks from each playlist to really make your V-Day special.

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You have a date! Congratulations. Anyways, share these wonderful hits with that special someone tonight!

Pink Floyd - “Us and Them

Off of the iconic “Dark Side of the Moon” album, “Us and Them” offers an ethereal and passionate experience through a rambling bassline, wavy guitar riffs and a couple unforgettable sax features. Though this song is inspired by the senselessness of war, the meaning can also be used to describe the connection between two people. Not to be cliche, but this song is seven minutes long… enjoy your seven minutes in heaven.

Peter Bjorn and John - “Young Folks

“Young Folks” gives off a coming-of-age film soundtrack in the best way possible. A result of the early-2000s pure indie era, there is nothing to not love about this song. “Young Folks” captures the feeling of being fully immersed in conversation with someone at a party. The lyrics say it all - “all we care about is talking, talking only me and you.” Taking on the world together! Released in 2006, “Young Folks'' was a one-hit-wonder for Swedish musicians Peter Bjorn and John, topping the charts in multiple countries for weeks.

JAWNY - “Anything You Want

This song has opposite vibes than the prior two, using funky-pop to describe the butterflies a new love might give. Definitely a song you’d want to dance around with your significant other to (or friends for that matter)! Fun fact: the musician behind this song, JAWNY, dated Doja Cat for over a year until their sudden split in 2020. Doja’s voice is present on this track - if you listen at around 1:35 you can hear her whispery voice repeating “anything that you want” until the end of the song. Some fans theorize that many of their songs are about each other…

Have that special someone on your mind today? This is the perfect playlist to press "play" and let those emotions wash over you.

Cage the Elephant - “Instant Crush

Besides the obvious title, “Instant Crush” is a great daydreaming track. The song is actually a cover of a 2013 Daft Punk/Julian Casablancas collaboration featuring an intense electronic sound. Cage the Elephant’s cover takes an organic route, using classical and acoustic strings that perfectly mesh with the rest of their “Unpeeled” live album. Casablanca’s lyrics sound great in the indie genre and fit much better in this context.

Vanilla Fudge - “You Keep Me Hanging On

Much like “Instant Crush,” “You Keep Me Hanging On” has had its fair share of covers. Originally recorded by The Supremes in 1966, everyone from Rod Stewart to Glee has a version of this timeless classic. Vanilla Fudge adds a rock-n-roll spin to the track, introducing a driving organ part along with raspy male vocals, that bring out the sense of longing and pain that is intended with a song like this.

Blondie - “Hanging on the Telephone

Not every song about crushes has to be sad! Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone” is an upbeat cover of The Nerve’s 1976 original, surely showing a musical divergence into early 80s glamrock music. Not to mention Debbie Harry’s powerful vocals that make this song so unique.

Don't have a date this Valentine's Day and don't care? Maybe a little heartbroken? Stay in for a self-care night. We got you.

Steely Dan - “Dirty Work

I admit this song is a little sad. But who can resist? “Dirty Work” follows the emotions of a “back-door man” realizing that he’s fallen in love with a married woman. Finally standing up for himself, he no longer wants to do the “dirty work” of sneaking around her husband. A simple classic of unrequited love.

Jane’s Addiction - “Jane Says

Are you done with Sergio? Does he treat you like a ragdoll? Much like “Dirty Work,” “Jane Says” is about standing up against bad love. This 1988 alternative hit follows the real-life experiences of the band’s muse, Jane Bainter, living her life through addiction and relationships. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration from Jane, too.

Her’s - “What Once Was

Her’s is just one of those bands where all of their songs are worthy of recommendation. “What Once Was” is their most popular release with over 90 million streams. The song has a steady beat, looping guitar and the muddy vocals combine to create a dreamlike state. A passive song of heartbreak and loss, this track is great for introspection.

For these full playlists and many more, check out the official Albany Student Press Spotify. Happy Valentine’s Day! Xoxo, The ASP.


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