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An Inside Look on Munch With The Majors

By Rachel Wolk | October 3, 2022

Photo Credit: University at Albany

Have you ever wanted to connect with your professors not only on an academic level but personally? Maybe you wanted to ask them questions but always forgot to go during office hours.

Munch With the Majors gave undergraduate students the opportunity to chat with professors while enjoying a sumptuous meal.

The event spanned three rooms in the Campus Center. The Ballroom, the 1844 Restaurant, and the Transfer Lounge. The possibilities could not have been more endless and almost a little enormous. There were professors sitting at tables with papers and information packets ready to bring about knowledge to students. Undergraduate students all over campus arrived ready to learn more about what these amazing majors offer. This is a memorable event that happens every year at the university and the fun was only just beginning.

At the journalism table, professors Elaine Salisbury and Chang Sup Park were present. Those sitting at the table learned what internships the journalism field can land students. There are chances to intern at places such as the International Center of the Capital Region (ICCR), the NYS Legislature, Gannett News Albany, the WTMM ESPN Team Radio, and many more. As a journalism major, having the opportunity to intern at a news station or local paper can provide experience in the field.

The sociology table was another peak of interest. Nicole DeSorbo, a professor in the sociology department spoke about the opportunities sociology offers students here at UAlbany. She stated that the major and minor are very easy to complete, and once you complete an introductory course in sociology, students can take whichever sociology courses interest them. The selection of courses vary from ‘Sociology in Culture,’ ‘Sociology of Families,’ ‘Social Demography,’ and more.

Danielle Gandelman, a freshman political science major with a minor in English said, “I thought it was really helpful! You have to take advantage of the tables. It’s not worth it to go if you’re not asking questions. It was definitely hectic and they probably could’ve used more rooms but I liked it.”

Additionally, Sage Collier, a criminal justice and chemistry double major said, “I think it’s a great opportunity to see what your future could look like, but I wish there were more people to talk to as opposed to waiting in a line for what feels like an interview.”

The feeling of hecticness and overwhelm was common among many. With countless tables and so many people in attendance, sometimes it was difficult to know where to go. However, the ability to have attended and getting to explore academic programs was a can’t-miss experience. Incoming freshmen have time to figure out what they wish to partake in; freshmen don’t necessarily need to know right at the moment because their aspirations can always change. As for older students, the time for knowing their future starts to cut close which is why it is so important to attend Munch With the Majors. If students missed out on the event, they are always welcome to contact their professors with questions they may have pertaining to their major or minor, as well as reach out to the department heads and speak with them. Munch With the Majors is only one time an academic year, so take advantage of those two hours!


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