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`Are you pushin P?

By Zachary Robinson

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

What does Pushin P mean? Well, if you’re a fan of Gunna or you’ve been scrolling through social media, you’ve probably seen the phrase “pushin p” once, twice, maybe a couple of hundred times. If not then you probably have been questioning the internet's latest obsession with the blue parking sign emoji. Here’s everything to get you up to date on pushin P.

Where did Pushin P come from?

Leading up to his new album release Atlanta based rapper Gunna teased what’s to come. To his twitter account on January 5, 2022 he posted “but yea im pushin p,” along with a blue parking sign emoji and blue heart. A tidal wave of reactions spurred the hip hop community, but most of it was confusion.

On January 7, 2022 Gunna’s album DS4Ever was released, and on the tracklist was Pushin P featuring Young Thug and Future. The song quickly went viral on Tik Tok and across other platforms. However, the increase in popularity only amassed an increase in confusion as it was still not clear as to what pushin P meant.

What does Pushin P mean?

The million dollar question. Well Gunna explained it as “putting people in your position is P.” He was helpful enough to give other examples in a series of twitter posts:

“Jumping in a person’s beef or situation when you don’t know what’s going on is not P.”

“Risking your life to feed your family is P”

“Bossing your b**** is P”

“Being loyal is definitely P”

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Gunna explains P can act as a substitution for the term “player” but it's a bit more in depth than that. Simply put, it means you’re keeping it real. Gunna explains P can be substituted in for the word “paper.”

In the third verse of Pushin P it is said “off capital P, I rock these presidents, count presidents (pushin' P).” Some users took to the internet to express their idea of pushing P as positivity such as seeing family or scoring a big game. In the interview with the Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God, Gunna describes pushin p as waking up to a beach view.

What happened next?

After DS4Ever was released, Gunna and Young Thug, along with their friends, boarded a private jet expected to leave from Miami to New York but Alex, the pilot, refused to fly. He claimed that one of the members of the party didn’t have their ID, and made the flight attendant uncomfortable – but it was never explained why.

Young Thug took to social media to voice his concerns as he asked the pilot for more information, but was left with the silent treatment. The group was able to acquire another jet and later, in a twitter post, Young Thug said “Alex ain’t P.”

After all the speculation and drama with Alex the pilot, what does pushin P mean? If you were to ask Gunna, he would probably give a series of examples of what pushin p means. Which begs the question: does he know what it means himself? Well, if you were to ask me, it means positivity. From making money to finding love to supporting your loved ones. The real question: is “pushin p” going to stick? Probably not, as anything on top eventually gets overtaken. However, one could say “pushin p” pushes past our expectations of pop culture.

Whether it's being a player, pushin paper, or simply keeping it real, it seems many people are doing their part in pushin p.


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