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Best Spots on Campus for a Photoshoot

By Angel Godfrey | May 1, 2023

UAlbany's central fountain near the Lecture Center Concourse.

Photo Credit: Henry Fisher / the ASP

As spring arrives and we swap out heavy jackets for sundresses, you may find yourself wanting to commemorate your outfit (and your college experience). There are plenty of spots on campus that will perfectly complement your Instagram feed. With a few friends and a phone camera, you can put together a collection of photos that will last a lifetime.

One of the best spots for a photoshoot on campus is the large fountain in the middle of the Lecture Center. It is the most iconic spot at the University at Albany by far, and the water features will be sure to add an interesting aspect to your pictures. The soft natural sunlight and symmetry of the fountain will make any photo stand out.

The University at Albany sign right in front of campus is a great spot for any student to take a picture. Getting accepted to college and spending four years in the same place is a big deal, and should be remembered by all students. Pro tip: taking a picture in the same place for every year of college is a great way to visualize your growth as a person. Looking back on these pictures when you are about to graduate will be great fuel for nostalgia.

When Collins Circle is freshly mowed, and cleaned of goose excrement, the giant green lawn is the perfect spot for a spring photoshoot. To elevate your picture, try taking a panoramic image with the sky and quad towers in the background. Whether the sun is setting or high in the sky, it will hit your skin for a perfect golden hour glow. Another great spot on campus is the green patches on the podium, with one behind the Catskill building and the other behind the Performing Arts Center – especially when the flowers begin to bloom.

In an age where students prefer digital sources over libraries, you may think libraries are obsolete. In spite of this, a photo of a book on your lap or a photo of furniture in front of bookshelves is always appropriate. Turning the pages of the book thoughtfully as the sun beams down upon you might seem like an ideal Monday morning post. Bonus points if you take a trip to the Science Library; its high ceilings and marble floors will make your photo look even more sophisticated.

Sporting events are some of the most exciting days in college. Homecoming season is a great time to get a selfie during a game. Stadium pictures can be awe-inspiring. Kneeling down with a basketball after winning a game, or posing with a rogue baseball at the field will give your photo a fun and casual look. Even in the off season, wearing purple and gold will make your photo colorful, and UAlbany apparel can help to show your school pride and personal style.

Indigenous Pond serves as our own taste of nature on campus. Taking a picture in front of the pond with the ducks or throughout the trail with the trees will add an earthy feel to your feed. Make sure to take a couple of laps around the pond with your friends and enjoy the outside while the weather is nice.

Graduating from college is an important milestone in any college student’s life. Getting a picture in front of the stage or a candid shot of you walking to get your diploma will help you to remember your experience for years to come. For graduating students, anywhere on campus is appropriate for a photoshoot, but fan-favorites are the fountain, past dorms where you may have lived, or your favorite spot on campus.

Taking photos during your college career is important. Looking back at the hard work you put into your degree and the memories you made with your friends will bring you good feelings for years after you graduate. College is not an easy journey to finish. Snap now, celebrate later.


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