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By Kehinde Adejumo | April 29, 2024

Photo Credit: Flickr

What if I told you 

I had it planned from the very beginning? 

Flashing lights and endless amount of alcohol 

Music bouncing off the walls 

My black dress as skinny as my pinky 

Tonight, I’m about to risk it all 

I saw you from across the room 

So, I walk over and put all my cards on the table 


I had him right where I wanted him 

You looked at me with a devilish smirk 

I felt my heart drop to the floor


I got her right where I want her 

You made the first move and spoke first 

We exchanged numbers 

A month later I asked to be your girlfriend 


Make your move 

Two months later, we were in France

We sat at a café 

Pastries and cinnamon fill the air

You told me you love me

I smiled

You showed your hand


We got married six months later

You bought me a dress with so many pearls

I almost fainted

Good move


You told me that I tricked you into marrying me

I laughed


On our honeymoon, you were tanning on the beach

I picked up some cyanide that afternoon

I smiled as we go back to our home in Beverly Hills



I slipped some cyanide in your drink

You dropped to the floor

I called the ambulance



Months after, I went to the bank

They told me “the transfer is complete”

100 million in my account

I smiled

Final move



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