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COVID-Friendly Ways to Spend Halloween

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

By Sophie Koutsoftas | October 29, 2021

Since we are still in a pandemic, you might not be rushing to your nearest Halloween get-together this year. Here are some COVID-friendly ways to spend this Halloween and still have fun.

Watch Halloween movies

Putting on a scary movie or classic fall film will get you in the Halloween mood. Curling up with your favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy a chill night in is a perfect way to experience the fall fun from the comfort of your couch. Whether you watch a classic slasher film, any movies from the list we have already provided, or even a Harry Potter marathon, you will be sure to have fun on Halloween night.

Hand out candy

Handing out candy to other people on your dorm floor or putting a basket in your common room for your roommates or suitemates is a nice way to celebrate the holiday with candy. Plus, your neighbors will appreciate you!


Putting up decorations is a fun way to celebrate Halloween. You can make your living space spooky and scary, by putting up posters from your favorite horror movies, or using decorations like cobwebs, plastic pumpkins, window art, and even meme posters.

Pumpkin picking

Going to a local pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin is a fun activity to do with friends. Trying to find a pumpkin that is big enough to decorate, but not too big that you can’t carry it back home, is a balance.

Pumpkin decorating

Now that you have the pumpkin, you can start decorating! You can decorate your pumpkins using sharpie markers to draw funny faces or add stickers and paint to make expressive pumpkins. You can also go the classic route, by scooping out the insides and carving the pumpkin to make jack-o-lanterns.

Baking treats

Another way to spend this holiday is to bake spooky treats. You can buy bat or cat shaped cookie cutters from Walmart and decorate them as silly or scary as you want, as long as they taste great!


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