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Crime Blotter (1/19 - 1/25)

By Jaden Burke | January 29, 2024

Photo Credit: Maceo Foster / The ASP

Jan. 19 -  The University Police Department (UPD) responded to a report of trespassing Friday morning. This individual was arrested. 

Jan. 20 - UPD responded to a report of criminal mischief to University property on Empire Commons. The investigation is ongoing. 

Jan. 22 - UPD responded to a report of public lewdness in the University Library basement. This individual was arrested on-site. 

Jan. 23 - UPD responded to a reported fire alarm in Morris Hall on Colonial Quad. The smoke detectors seemed to be tampered with, creating conditions that would endanger others. These individuals were referred to Campus Judicial. 

Jan. 24 - UPD began investigating a case of identity theft in the third-degree, with intent to impersonate an individual to obtain goods. This investigation is ongoing. 

Jan. 25 - UPD responded to a report of second-degree criminal trespassing in Cayuga Hall on Indigenous Quad. A report is on file. 


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