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Crime Blotter (10/21-10/26)

By Ashley Wint | October 31, 2022

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Oct. 21- University police responded to a report of a grand larceny in Oneida Hall, Indigenous Quad. There was a stolen debit card and the investigation is still ongoing

Oct. 23 - A driver was arrested off campus after a vehicle stop by University Police. The arrest was made because the driver was caught operating a vehicle without a license

Oct. 24- It was reported that an unauthorized subject was found trespassing and entered a residence on Indigenous Quad. The case is active and the investigation is still ongoing.

Oct. 25- University Police responded to a report of graffiti on the grounds of Dutch Quad. The case is still being investigated

Oct. 26 - An individual reported property damage being committed by an unknown subject on the roadways. The investigation is still ongoing


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