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Crime Blotter (10/27 - 11/2)

By Jaden Burke | November 6, 2023

Photo Credit: Maceo Foster / The ASP

Oct. 27 - The University Police Department (UPD) responded to a report of a fire alarm on Colonial Quad when there was no emergency. This was a false report of a fire explosion/hazardous substance. The investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 28 - UPD received found property, in which a forged document was found. A report was filed and the investigation is closed.

Oct. 30 - UPD responded to a report of grand larceny extortion, with intent to physically injure an individual in Eastman Tower on State Quad. The investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 31 - UPD responded to two reports of grand larceny in the fourth degree (over $1,000) – one in State Quad and one in Indigenous Quad. Investigations are ongoing.

Nov. 1 - UPD responded to a report of second-degree aggravated harassment on Alumni Quad, in which threats were made online. This was the individual's second arrest, as their prior crime was stalking with intent to injure. These investigations are ongoing.

Nov. 2 - UPD responded to a report of third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle on the Western Avenue entrance to campus. There was property damage to the campus, and the individual was arrested.


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