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Disney Channel “Monstober” Episodes to Rewatch on Halloween

By Kehinde Adejumo | October 30, 2023

Photo Credit: Pexels

Are you excited for Halloween this year? Whether or not you plan to ghoul out with your costume or party with your friends, everyone has their favorite halloween episodes that they can’t wait to rewatch every year. Some of these episodes might be from the infamous “Monstober” season that premiered on Disney Channel during our childhood. Even if you have already made your halloween plans, you still might want to revisit some of your favorite “Monstober” episodes. Down below, I’ll talk about the most memorable Disney Channel halloween episodes.

1. A.N.T. Farm: “mutANT farm”

This episode starts off with the A.N.T. Farm characters in an alternate universe as the monster version of themselves. Chyna wants the humans to be invited to the halloween dance, which is usually reserved for the mutANTS. “mutANT farm” isn’t scary to watch but teaches the important lesson that monsters and humans can get along.

2. Good Luck Charlie: “Fright Knight”

The premise of “Fright Knight” is that Teddy and her friends go Halloween caroling to raise money for their school’s drama club. Meanwhile, PJ and Gabe watch scary movies when they are interrupted by an angry mom promising to get even with them after they did not give her son candy. This episode is sure to give you a good laugh.

3. Hannah Montana: “Torn Between Two Hannahs”

Miley gets the unexpected news that her look-alike cousin Luann is coming to town. Miley and Lily are invited to Tracy’s halloween party where Luann dresses up as Hannah and almost exposes her big secret. In the sub-plot, Jackson and his dad try to make their house more spooky but they get tricked by their neighbor. This episode teaches us to be wary of those trying to steal your identity, especially on Halloween.

4. Shake It Up: “Haunt It Up”

“Haunt It Up” starts off with Cece and Rocky deciding they are too old for trick-or-treating and they decide to do a mature-o-ween where they pass out raisins to kids and watch a movie. Meanwhile, Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to spend some time in the Hufnagel house, rumored to be haunted by ghosts. “Haunt it Up” shows that you shouldn’t try to grow up too fast.

5. Wizards of Waverly Place: “Halloween”

The Russos are preparing for their annual haunted house when The Waverly Place Merchants Association stops by to tell them to make their house scarier or risk losing their spot in the fair. Alex goes down to the ghost district in the wizard world to get the scariest ghost of all: Mantooth. When Alex brings Mantooth, everyone runs away screaming from his “party trick.” “Halloween” shows us that it’s a good feeling to be scared but not traumatized.

6. Jessie: “The Ghostest With The Mostest”

Jessie makes the Ross kids trick-or-treat with their annoying neighbor Stewart where he tells them a creepy story about Abigail, a ghost that kidnaps children to be her eternal playmates. During the course of the night, each of the kids mysteriously disappear. Meanwhile, Jessie is trying to meet her soulmate at the Central Park Spooktacular Masquerade Ball. This episode definitely put the spook in spooktacular.

7. That’s So Raven: “Don’t Have a Cow”

Raven and Chelsea are the only ones not invited to Alana’s Halloween party and they decide to go through Raven’s grandmother’s old spellbook. Chelsea’s cow pin falls as they create a potion for a spell where they wish to win the party costume contest. While they slowly turn into cows, Cory goes trick-or-treating without his father for the first time and regrets it. “Don’t Have a Cow” is sure to make you laugh.

8. The Suite Life of Zach & Cody: “The Ghost in Suite 613”

Muriel tells the story of the ghost in suite 613. Zach is intrigued by the story and challenges Cody to spend the night in the suite to see if the ghost is real. Chaos ensues as the whole gang ends up in the suite: doors pop open, Irene jumps out of the portrait and Esteban goes through an exorcism. The best part of the episode is the end when Cody and Zach come back to the room and Muriel gives them Cody’s blanket. We never really know if Irene’s ghost was truly there.

In the end, nothing gets you more in the Halloween spirit than bringing back the nostalgia of your favorite Halloween episodes. Whether it’s reliving the thrill of that scary scene that doesn’t scare you anymore or loving the feeling of knowing exactly what will happen, there’s a certain comfort of putting a blanket over your head, eating some cotton candy and re-watching “Monstober” episodes.


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