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“Dude We’re Getting the Band Back Together!” Phineas and Ferb’s Greatest Hits

By Mattie Fitzpatrick | December 4, 2023

Fireworks at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The peak of both music and tv has converged into one intersectional point of glory: “Phineas and Ferb.” The show’s music has aged like fine wine and to put it shortly, it’s a blessed bop.

“Phineas and Ferb” deserves a hall of fame for all of its fantastic songs but this is what it gets. So here are the elite “Phineas and Ferb” songs that all cool people listen to unironically. Welcome to the soundtrack of my youth.

Chains on Me

“Got these chains on me, they won’t let me fly, got these chains on me, won’t tell me why.”

This satirical episode provides commentary on the US education system and its insistence on a lack of imagination. Phineas and Ferb are finally busted by Candace and set to the Smile Away Reformatory which outlaws all imagination. The voice fits perfectly for this song and please watch the video, Ferb’s cage has a hole for his hair to poke out of it because he’s so tall.


“S-I-M-P, squirrels in my pants. How can I qualify for government grants? S-I-M-P, squirrels in my pants.”

The way this show is the height of every single drama ever made. These two random guys rapping in the park make an iconic song in the park not only for the humor but for the increased use of “SIMP” today and the new meaning it’s taken.

Ain’t Got Rhythm

“You keep saying that you don’t hear rhythm but listen what you’re doin’ right there.”

This was such a strong episode in terms of the story and music. This song especially is so cool because it’s catchy, has a great contrast that fits perfectly with the scene which takes place in a library and it showcases the unsung heroes of our society; librarians.


“Well, they say true beauty it comes from within but you have to be comfortable in your own skin.”

Truth and a fantastic beat, what more can we ask for? Bobby Fabolous, the main singer who they’re trying to convince to re-join a band for their parent’s anniversary, is a king and if he was a real person, I’d get the famous haircut because that’s individuality. Again such a strong episode, so many bangers in one episode. It has something for everyone and there is no reason for you not to be listening to this song right now.

E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S.

“I know you think they’re saints but mom, I’m here to tell those B-O-Y-S, they’re just E-V-I-L.”

Oh my god, yes. The wild parsnips that made Candace’s voice like this did a great service to society with this song. It gives a great summary of the show and some of their really awesome inventions while we feel Candace's angst as she tries to make her mom understand. Candace’s songs are always fantastic though, this only really stands out and she is absolute perfection in this one.

My Undead Mummy and Me

“All the kids at school are gonna have a conniption, when they see my funky Egyptian MC… My undead mummy and me.”

The music has been strong right from the jump with this show. They didn’t know they were making an iconic song but they certainly didn’t and nobody poked me in the eye to make me say that. I really wish this song was longer but it’s so funny and the Riverdale Musical episode could only wish to have this good writing. This show spans not only universes but musical genres.

Perry the Platypus Theme Song

“He’s a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action.”

This song does something few songs involving animals can do. It includes him without making him speak. This song is perfect for the show and gives a theme song that not only fits the show but is as recognizable as the Mission Impossible song. This is a Herculean task since the majority of this song is the repetition of “do.”


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