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Editor’s Note

By Sumaiya Nasir | December 5, 2022

Alas, the semester has come to a close!

Had I been told a year ago that I would be finishing off my undergraduate career as Editor-in-Chief, I would not have believed it.

The past year and a half has been bittersweet, and I end the term feeling both relief and sadness - I am relieved to have survived a worldwide pandemic while receiving a college education, yet I feel a twinge of sadness at leaving the campus paper behind. During a time of navigating new classes and peers in a post-pandemic world, the Albany Student Press became my saving grace. I look back on these years with fondness, and I value the skills and connections I have gained during my time on the paper.

I joined the Albany Student Press in August 2021, when the university opened its classrooms back up; with the little knowledge I possessed on reporting, but with an eagerness to learn, I volunteered to cover the professor’s union, in their attempts to advocate for more remote options. I was then asked to write two follow-up articles, and in less than a month, I became a staff reporter, and later, the News Section Editor.

The editors like to joke that this year is the ASP Renaissance, and we have not disappointed. After a year of attempting to reestablish our presence on campus post-pandemic, we have in fact revived the essence of news reporting and everything that the Albany Student Press stands for.

My goal with this year’s editorial staff was to increase our outreach, build our writing staff by increasing their numbers, and to fill our newsletters with a wide array of student voices and stories. I am proud to say that we have accomplished this, and so much more.

As I write this farewell note, I am filled with gratitude towards all that have contributed to the continued success of the Albany Student Press.

Thank you to the editorial staff for their belief in me, for without them, I would have never had the confidence to lead a team. Thank you to the writers, for without their support and willingness to report, we would have accomplished nothing. Thank you to Professor Salisbury for providing guidance when I felt most lost. Thank you to the readers for supporting all of the hard work our staff has put into every edition.

I feel confident in the capable hands I leave the paper in and I look forward to everything that the ASP will accomplish in the years to come.

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