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Euphoria Recap: Sorting through the Chaos

By Tishan Roye

*Cues the entire Labrinth album*

Euphoria has done it again, delivering yet another phenomenal addition to their series – leaving their fans too stunned to speak.

The fourth episode of season 2 brought about fascinating imagery recreating some famous art pieces, such as “The Birth of Venus'' by Sandro Botticelli (ca. 1485) that showed Rue’s love and admiration for Jules. Yet seconds later, the episode pans to show Rue faking an orgasm as she is too high to feel anything; leaving Jules with further doubts about their relationship. Seemingly worried, Jules decided to make a rather controversial decision and hooks up with Elliot. The irony of it all was that she initially blamed him for being interested in Rue; now look at her hypocritical behavior. Though most of us were rooting for Rue and Elliot to be together from the New Years' Eve Party, they are obviously bad for each other. This is due to Rue going deeper and deeper into her drug addiction. Both Elliot and Jules are essentially toxic for Rue as they did leave her at the side of the road, high out of her mind. Rue honestly deserves better friends as the only true ones she has are Lexi and Fez.

And then there is the spiraling into the love triangle that's not really a love triangle, but is a love triangle, to Cassie. It is getting crazier and crazier each episode. Now, this is a “Cassie Hate-Free Zone,” but she needs to be held accountable for her actions. More and more we are seeing where Cassie is transforming herself into Maddie; not only is she dressing like her but emulating her behavior. Cassie’s attachment issues and insecurities have dug her so far deep that she actually believes that she is protecting Maddie if Nate is with her. Now don’t get me wrong, Nate’s and Maddie’s relationship is toxic. However, Cassie trying to blackmail him into a relationship is psychotic behavior; and with Nate too…. Come on Cassie, you deserve better.

At Maddie’s birthday party – which I might add that Cassie held it for her, and even gave her a heartfelt gift – Cassie continuously tried to get Nate to notice her. She changed into the iconic pink bathing suit that we all have been waiting for since the beginning trailers of season 2. In the pool scene, Maddie mumbles about the things Nate would say to her, “ I don’t deserve you, but I love you. Please, when I go to college move with me. Marry me. Have my babies.” Honestly, I really thought this was just one of Maddie’s manipulative games she would play on Nate. However, I think this was a hit on Cassie as Maddie continuously looked at her while she was saying those words. Maybe Maddie knows there's something up between Cassie and Nate. Nevertheless, Maddie’s words prompt Cassie to throw up into the pool. Resulting in her mom pulling her out as she screams “I'm sorry” to Maddie, while Nate rushes to Maddie’s side with a towel. Hopefully, this will give Cassie the clarification she needs that Nate will always choose Maddie over her.

Onto less serious matters, Cal Jacobs had us all on the edge thinking he was going to die in last week's episode. His reckless driving and copious amounts of alcohol had me scared. It is honestly funny how Cal found a way to blame his family for all of his problems, then abandon them. What shocked me the most was him saying Nate was his biggest regret then looking back at the family picture; specifically their missing child. Maybe Nate had something to do with his disappearance.

Did I miss something; why does everyone think Rue is dying? In the ending scenes of the episode, we saw where Zendaya took fentanyl and had a euphoric dream-like experience; where she reunited with her dad and apologized for all the things she has done. Well outside the show’s world, season three was confirmed by Angus Cloud, the actor that plays Fez. More than likely Rue will not, and this scene would serve to capture her rebirth – and the moment she decides to be sober.

Also, is Lexi planning to expose her sister in her play, “Oklahoma”? Has everyone read “Oklahoma” but me……..


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