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Fall Into Autumn Playlist

By Danielle Modica | October 11, 2021

Feel that chill coming in? October is upon us, and what’s better than pairing the changing leaves and your favorite sweaters with a new ASP Playlist! Here’s a list of our top music picks to fully appreciate the wonderful season of autumn.

Indigenous Pond in October (Photo Credit: Danielle Modica)

Girl in Red - we fell in love in october

Girl in Red is the indie-pop project of Norwegian musician and producer Marie Ulven, who first found mainstream success after her 2018 release “i wanna be your girlfriend.” Comparable to bedroom pop artists Clairo and Conan Gray, the sweet sounds of Ulven’s voice paired with catchy electronic melodies will strike a chord in your soul. Not only do the song’s subject and album cover match autumn perfectly, but the emotions brought about in Ulven’s vulnerable lyrics evoke a nostalgic seasonal spirit. Definitely recommend listening to this while taking a walk through the Indigenous Pond path this month.

Steve Lacy - “Dark Red

California-native Steve Lacy took the indie R&B-electronic-rock music scene by storm back in 2015 when he joined Grammy-nominated group, The Internet. During Lacy’s time in The Internet, he continued to release private projects including 2017’s Steve Lacy’s Demo, featuring the single “Dark Red”. “Dark Red” has recently regained popularity through TikTok trends, allowing indie fans of all ages to fall back in love with Lacy's hypnotizing guitar talents. It might sound cliche, but dark red is an essential autumn color too. The song is simple, seemingly recorded in one sitting once using looping tools and layered, altered tracks of Lacy’s voice. This sincere, cozy, and homegrown nature of this song is what makes “Dark Red” stand out the most. Simple, yet effective.

Tame Impala - Sundown Syndrome

Tame Impala is the stage name of Australian musician and producer Kevin Parker. Though he is known for popular hits including “The Less I Know the Better” and “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” “Sundown Syndrome” is a standout for long-time fans. Parker’s voice meshes perfectly with the backing tracks, almost acting like its own instrument rather than the main focus of the music. This song will get you on your feet or tapping them at least. The rhythms in “Sundown Syndrome” are infectious and Parker’s guitar loops melt into a truly enjoyable listening experience.

The Strokes - Call It Fate, Call It Karma

Another chart-topping alternative band, The Strokes are best known for the 2001 classic “Last Nite” and 2003’s “Reptilia.” “Call It Fate, Call It Karma,” comes off The Strokes’ 2013 album Comedown Machine and shows a maturity shift for the band, from punky 2000’s alt to more reserved alt-rock. Don’t be fooled by the elevator music-like start, once the chorus hits everything changes. Casablancas’ soprano ballad coupled with the smooth, jazzy instrumental is heavenly; encompassing the feeling of walking through campus and admiring the changing leaves.

Cage the Elephant - Golden Brown

Cage the Elephant is an American rock/alternative band hailing from Kentucky in the early/mid-2000s. “Golden Brown” is the perfect song for laying out under the stars, not to mention autumn leaves becoming a crisp, golden brown color. Cage’s rendition is a cover of The Strangler’s original 1981 release of the same name. The versions are fairly similar, paying homage to 1980’s electronica while simultaneously giving a modern, purely Cage the Elephant style and spin. Though Unpeeled is a live album, it provides the only recording of “Golden Brown” done by the band. The faint sound of cheering crowds in the track only adds to the musical experience.

Check out the full playlist, as well as a list of our other playlists on the ASP Official Spotify!


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