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Film Fanatics: You Need to Get Letterboxd

By: Lexie Zanghi | November 14, 2022

Do you enjoy watching movies? Do you often find yourself critiquing them or reviewing them in your head? If so, then you need to download the app Letterboxd.

According to the Letterboxd website, the app claims to be “the social network for film lovers.” Users are able to keep track of every film they watch, rate and write about films, save films they want to watch, and more. You can also follow friends on the app to see what they are watching as well.

Letterboxd is not a new app, though. The app has been around since 2011, but it really started to gain popularity during the pandemic, according to the New York Times, with nearly 3 million users currently. When cinemas weren’t open and people were stuck at home watching movies all the time, they wanted a way to keep track and share their opinions on films.

Even more recently, Letterboxd has been gaining popularity through TikTok.

Some popular TikTokers like @cinema.joe and @kodak_cameron, who share their film recommendations and opinions, as well as promote Letterboxd, where they post lengthy film reviews that go far beyond what they post on TikTok.

When you create an account on Letterboxd, you can add your top four favorite films, which will be displayed on your dashboard. Your followers will be able to view your current activity as well as your most recent four films watched as well as your rating.

Letterboxd’s rating scale is based on a five star point system. Users are also able to rate movies half stars to better share their opinions. There is also a “heart” feature on the site that allows users to like movies, and followers will also be able to see this.

Rating and reviewing aside, users can also add movies to their watchlists. Say someone you follow wrote a great review on a film, you can add that film to your “watchlist.” Users are not restricted to this one list -- you can also create different customized lists that others can view and follow.

The app is completely free, but there are different subscriptions you can use if you are a true film addict. A one year “pro” subscription ensures that you will see no ads on the site, view better personalized watchlists, and many more added features. The pro subscription costs $18.99 a year. The other subscription you can buy is the “patron” subscription, which includes everything in the pro subscription, plus the ability to further customize your Letterboxd experience, and earlier access to new features for the app. The patron subscription costs $48.99 a year.

Whether you simply want to track what films you’ve seen this year, or write full-on reviews diving into every aspect of a film, Letterboxd can provide that experience for you. Sit back, relax, and watch a movie to be first on your Letterboxd account.


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