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Fun Costume Ideas for Halloween 2022

By Santiago Brion | October 17, 2022

Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons

Halloween is around the corner and the most exciting part about the well-known spooky holiday is dressing up and going out with friends. To help get ready for a good time, here are costume ideas for Halloweekend!

  • Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki is one of the most iconic anime protagonists of all time. The anime/manga, “Bleach” follows a teenager who lives two different lives: one as a normal high school student and another as a protector of the spirit world and the human world. With the anime finally making a comeback after 10 years with the Thousand Year Blood War arc this past week, you can get the chance to dress up as him for Halloween. The costume is available to buy from Spirit Halloween at Crossgates Mall or Colonie Center. However, Ichigo’s weapon, which is called a zanpakuto, and orange wig are sold separately online. The costume consists of a black robe and a mask.

  • The Hargreaves - The Umbrella Academy

For fans of the hit Netflix original series, “The Umbrella Academy,” you might consider going as Luther, Five, Victor, Allison, Ben, Diego, and Klaus Hargreaves. The show is based on My Chemical Romance’s lead guitarist, Gerard Way’s graphic novel about a super family who were born from seven different women with zero signs of pregnancy and were raised by a billionaire to become superheroes. Many years later, the family has grown estranged and they all must work together to do what they were trained to do from the beginning: stop the apocalypse. The way to go would be to dress up in school uniform or you could cosplay as Klaus Hargreeves by sporting a wig and wearing 70s-style hippie clothing.

  • Harry Styles

Harry Styles has become an instant icon for the past couple of years. If you’re a Harry stan, you can DIY a costume by wearing a feather boa and everyday clothing with pink heart-shaped glasses. If you want to get creative, you could dress as Harry Styles dressing as Elton John from his famous Dodgers Stadium performance in 1975.

  • Thor & Jane Foster

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, “Thor: Love & Thunder,” Thor & Jane’s Mighty Thor has become an ingenious couple costume idea. If you’re looking to take your partner out to a Halloween party, both spouses could dress as Thor. Sport a cape, a helmet, and grab Thor’s weapon, Mjolnir, and you’re good to go to be the Norse God of Thunder.

  • Yung Gravy & Sheri Easterling (Addison Rae’s mother)

At the red carpet for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Yung Gravy unexpectedly showed up with Addison Rae’s mom as his date; it immediately sparked memes. Cosplay like this is easy to get by. For Yung Gravy, find a nice pair of black pants and shoes you have hidden in your closet and look for a discount black blazer and a pink shirt. As for Sheri, go with a pink dress and stilettos.

  • Black Adam

Black Adam is the sworn enemy of DC super hero, Shazam. With the Black Adam movie coming out in a couple of weeks, it’s a great time to dress up as the infamous character. You can buy the Black Adam jumpsuit from Inswear for $38.

  • The Grabber

“The Black Phone” became one of the biggest horror movie surprises of the year. The film follows a boy who is kidnapped by a character named The Grabber played by Ethan Hawke. Sporting a creepy mask and a carnival uniform, Hawke was easily the highlight of the film. If you feel like pranking your roommates, buy the grabber mask and go nuts.

  • The Riddler

The Riddler is one of Batman’s greatest adversaries of Gotham’s rogue gallery, but I’m not talking about Edward Nygma’s classic look of wearing a green suit with purple question marks and a cane that resembles a question mark. I’m talking about the updated and creepy outfit from Matt Reeve’s “The Batman.” Heavily inspired by the infamous Zodiac Killer, Riddler wears a dark green coat with a mask covering his face and gloves. This dark version of the classic Batman villain is sure to inspire people to dress up and even do a riddle or too if you wanna mess around.

  • Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

One of the first female Marvel characters ever written by Stan Lee as an icon of feminism, Jennifer Walters has joined the MCU played by Emmy-winner Tatianna Maslany. Jennifer is a defense attorney who gains Bruce Banner’s powers of the Hulk, in which she becomes a big green raging force of nature. Jennifer’s a more toned down version of Hulk who becomes muscular, taller, and a more confident version of herself. If you wanna rock out and be like Jen, paint yourself green, sport a purple and white jumpsuit and go smash.

  • Jobu Tupaki in Rock form - Everything Everywhere All At Once

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” follows an Asian woman who must save the multiverse from being absorbed into a black hole by a being called Jobu Tupaki who resembles her daughter, Joy. What I recommend is dressing up in her rock form. All you’d need is a gray dress or gray pants and a sweatshirt, add in a couple of googly eyes and fans of the film will totally get it.

  • Pearl

On Sept. 16th, the prequel to “X,” “Pearl” came out to rave reviews with critics praising Mia Goth’s performance and Ti West’s direction. The film takes place in the 1910s following the old woman from “X” who was living in the cabin where the crew were shooting their pornographic film. I recommend wearing blue overalls, a light blue shirt, tie your hair back in pigtails, and splatter yourself in fake blood. If you’re looking for a cheap costume, Pearl is the way to go for Halloween.


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