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Gift Giving Guide– Just in Time for the Holidays

By Hannah Hoeffner

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

To some, gift giving may be a breeze, or even a walk in the park. For others, it can be dreadful. Welcome to the gift guide.

For the Nature Lover:

  • Birdhouse - Entertain the person you love with endless hours of hungry critters. Birdfeeders and birdhouses can attract many different species of birds to nibble on birdseed, and help your special someone connect with nature from the comfort of their own front porch.

  • Personalized Fish Lure - Combine their favorite hobby with a customized message from you! For those who love to fish, a personalized fish lure is inexpensive yet affectionate.

  • Hiking Boots - If your loved one is an avid hiker, a pair of comfy, waterproof hiking boots – built for all terrains and weathers – is the perfect gift. They’ll be sure to get use out of them and look stylish while doing it!

  • Backpack - If the recipient is a hiker, they’re going to need a backpack too! Make sure to get a durable backpack with multiple compartments for all of their belongings: including lip balm, sunscreen, earbuds, and snacks.

  • Insulated Water Bottle - A good quality water bottle to keep any drink hot or cold is perfect for the person who likes to spend hours outside. You may also want to find one that is carabiner friendly, for easy attachment to backpacks.

For the Fashion Icon:

  • Cologne/Perfume - A style icon needs a signature scent to complete their character. Help them along and get them their own trademark fragrance. Plus, who doesn’t love to smell good?

  • Wallet - A wallet that matches their personality as well as their style is sure to be a winner on Christmas Day. Maybe your loved one is a biker dude; a tough guy needs a “tough-guy” wallet. Help them get rid of their bulky, old, worn out wallet!

  • Jewelry - Take the time to observe what your loved one tends to wear. Buy them a necklace, a set of earrings, or a bracelet to match their taste. If you want to spend a little extra money this year, consider real diamonds or real gold. Who doesn’t want a diamond accessory?

  • Phone Case - Every fashionista needs their own trendy phone case. Pick them up a chic case in their favorite color that will protect their phone and still look cute when they take mirror selfies!

  • Sneakers - Whether they play sports or not, if your loved one is a sneakerhead they will absolutely appreciate a new pair of kicks. Whether going throughout their day or on the court, a comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers is the perfect gift.

  • Matching Sweatshirts - Get them a sentimental gift that shows them you care. A heartfelt sweatshirt can be embroidered with your anniversary date, the initials of your partner’s name, or both! They’ll look fashionable and have something to remember you by.

  • Watches - For those who like to look sharp, or who might be chronically late, a watch will help them to show up on time and freshen up their look.

  • Snuggie - This blanket with sleeves is the perfect gift for the individuals who are always cold. Now available in countless patterns and colors, your loved one will be able to relax and look stylish while doing so.

  • Polaroid - A polaroid starter kit is a must-have for those who like to document their life. A small, cute instant camera is perfect to carry everywhere and to snap those Instagram-worthy pictures. For the ones who like to capture the moment

and put them in their pocket, get them a polaroid.

For the Beauty Guru:

  • Makeup - If the person in question loves makeup, this is a no-brainer. Get them a beautiful eyeshadow palette, some blush, bronzer, anything! The options are endless. Makeup is so much fun and allows for creativity. Some stores like Ulta and Sephora, offer gift sets of makeup at an affordable price.

  • Hair Care - Help them on their hair journey with products that strengthen and restore elasticity, while preventing the hair follicle from further damage. This is a great gift for anyone, especially if they like to dye their hair or use heat.

  • Face Masks - Who doesn’t love a good face mask? Get your loved one a face mask that will target their skincare needs, and help them relax on a night in.

Of course the list goes on, but they’ll love whatever you end up getting them. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so don’t sweat it. Happy Holidays everyone!


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