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Health Food Restaurant Opens Next to Campus

Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly CoreLife Eatery Comes to the Neighborhood

By Frankie Eisenhut

CoreLife Eatery on Western Avenue (Frankie Eisenhut / ASP)

CoreLife Eatery, located in UAlbany’s own back yard, opened its doors this summer, offering a variety of healthy, locally-sourced foods.

“Everything in the restaurant is gluten-free,” says district manager Michael Dingman. “Except for the free slice of bread.”

The restaurant, which opened August 10 and is in close proximity to the athletic complex, is geared toward healthy lifestyles.

The concept of this restaurant came from a former physical therapist, Todd Mansfield, who was inspired by the biomedical sciences of the body and how we eat. The concept has led to a widespread CoreLife chain, from New York to Indiana to Kentucky, to name a few.

“This is our 57th location,” says Dingman.

Offering healthy gluten-free food, CoreLife encourages healthy eating lifestyles for everyone. CoreLife sells a variety of customizable cold salads, broth bowls, rice noodle bowls, rice bowls, soups and sides.

A bowl at CoreLife Eatery (Frankie Eisenhut / ASP)

There is also a nutritional guide on staff for customer questions.

This promotes healthy eating for college students since it is located next to the university.

“We’ve always had an interest in the Albany market,” Dingman says. “This location specifically, yes, because it’s right next to the college. We thought it’d be a great opportunity.”

They have been extremely successful since they have opened, reaching above their target revenue.

“It was a very successful opening,” Dingman says. “We’ve been doing very well so far.”

Since they have been doing so well, there is some conversation about possible promotions for students.

“We’re working on accepting the student ID card meal plan.”

People sitting at CoreLife Eatery on Western Avenue (Frankie Eisenhut / ASP)

“We’ve been talking about promotions in the afternoon for students,” Dingman says. “Like a percentage off, but nothing is laid in stone yet.”

CoreLife Eatery is located on 1229 Western Ave. and they are open from 11 a.m to 9 p.m. every day.


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