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House Party Presents Punk Benefit for Homeless at Empire Underground

By Danielle Modica | November 27, 2023

Empire Underground hosted a concert fundraiser to benefit the Capital Region’s homeless population, presented by local non-profit organization House Party Presents, on Nov. 19. Four local and traveling nu metal/punk independent bands performed, including Syracuse’s Amphette, Albany’s Senior Living, Albany’s Flatwounds, and Boston M.A.’s Nailed Shut.

Photo of two amplifiers on the stage next to a glowing House Party Presents logo sign.

Photo Credit: Danielle Modica / The ASP

The event raised a total of $1,185 from tickets and donations alongside four large garbage bags full of non-perishable goods. Albany Food Not Bombs, a free food charity located at the Albany Social Justice Center, received 60% or $411 of the donation total. Empire Underground received $500 of profits for hosting and $274 was kept by House Party Presents for “overhead costs,” explained as being used for the website domain and keeping the nonprofit functioning, as well as “independent outreach,” purchasing bulk goods and handing them out to homeless individuals on the street. For a complete breakdown of cost, see the House Party Presents Impact Report.

Amphette frontwoman holding her bass guitar and singing.

Photo Credit: Danielle Modica / The ASP

Empire Underground, the intimate downstairs portion of Pearl Street’s Empire Live music venue, was crowded with local and traveling fans alike that circulated throughout each set. Large speakers lined the edge of the stage to allow for a wall of sound to emanate wall-to-wall. The venue space allows for concert-goers to be up close at the front of the stage, creating more fan engagement and room to dance.

Fundraiser benefit poster.

Photo Credit: House Party Presents Instagram / @housepartypresents

According to the event poster, the fundraiser was planned “to bring awareness to the homeless epidemic across the Capital Region through the power of music.” Between sets, House Party Presents founder Sam Pereiera spoke on stage about the nonprofit and thanked all attendees for donating. Pereiera shared background about House Party Presents, mentioning that events are primarily based in Albany, Denver, C.O., and Washington D.C.. Pereira personally funds his travels across the country to organize and host each fundraiser.

The House Party Presents mission statement, according to their Instagram page, is “to establish community, appropriately impacting homeless people, independent curators, and showgoers alike by defining the next generation of benefit concerts.”

House Party Presents Founder Sam Pereira addressing the crowd

Photo Credit: Danielle Modica / The ASP

“[House Party Presents is] battling homelessness with bands and coming to a city near you,” Pereiera said.

Amphette started the night strong with tenacity and volume. The noted “body horror”-esque performance utilized guitar pedals to replicate human screams and other sounds straight out of a slasher film. The band members played into the feelings of each song, expressing through facial and body movements that complemented the music.

Amphette bassist performing.

Photo Credit: Danielle Modica / The ASP

Senior Living took the stage second, also utilizing guitar pedals to create unique and grungy sound effects. Opening with the chilling riffs of song “Heathers,” the band eased into their set and created a tone for first-time listeners. Bouncing between more up–tempo songs and slower shoegaze, there was musical variety for every attendee. At the end of the set, frontman Zac Geddies returned to the “Heathers” riffs to round out the full-circle performance.

Senior Living performing

Photo Credit: Danielle Modica / The ASP

Flatwounds and Nailed Shut closed out the night with energetic sets that got the crowd moving. Both bands invited crowd engagement through dancing and “two-step” moves that are popular in mosh pits. Each band was sure to mention the importance of the charitable cause and thanked attendees for helping community efforts.

Flatwounds guitarist performing

Photo Credits: Danielle Modica/The ASP

For more information on House Party Presents, visit the nonprofit's website at To receive information on future events, visit the @HousePartyPresents Instagram account. More information about Albany Food Not Bombs can be found at their website at


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