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How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

By Tishan Roye | August 22, 2022

New year, new me. No wait, new year, new room. Dorm decor is one of the most essential parts of the college lifestyle, with people paying hundreds to have that dream pinterest look. From covering the blank white and nude walls to the addition of LED lights, college students are able to express themselves and showcase different aesthetics throughout their room decor. Being away from home can be daunting for some and amazing for others; one thing we all have in common is the need for a bit of homey familiarity with our place of rest. Here are some ways to make your dorm room feel like home.

  1. Choose a theme or aesthetic

Usually most people have their own creative style that shines throughout their wardrobe. Instilling that throughout your room decor is a great way to bring that sense of personalization and homelyness to your room. Whether it be an ultra feminie theme to just a random color scheme this can help to wash out and overshadow the plain exterior.

  1. Create a photo wall

The literal existence of photos is to capture any joyous, funny, sad and many other experiences that may take place in one’s lifetime. Go through your snapchat, instagram and camera roll and gather those photos of your friends and family. Your photo wall will serve as a reminder that your loved ones are home missing you as much as you miss them at that moment.

  1. Lighting!

I cannot express how important this is. The way in which a room is lit changes the overall dynamic of the mood. Lightly lit to dull rooms can foster a gloomy, sad, and vaguely depressing feeling throughout the dorm. While very well lit environments help to increase one’s mood, in addition to it allowing you to remain awake while studying as opposed to darker areas. With that being said, bring out the galaxy lamps, ring lights, lamps and LED strips (masking tape on the wall before of course…. No one wants to be charged with room damages at the end of the spring semester).

  1. Get Cozy Pillows and Blankets

Cozy everything is a necessity for college. The cinder block mattresses that are given to us are way too harsh on our backs. We are too young to be developing back pain ... .we are not at the gentric age yet. With your trusty mattress pad, mattress topper, blankets, and pillows all work hand in hand. After a long day of school falling into a soft bed will remind you of home. Plus, who doesn’t love those cute decorative pillows and blankets from Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.


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