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Jalen Miller Elected as SA Senate Vice Chair

By Julia Ross-McGuire | October 3, 2022

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Jalen Miller was elected as senate vice chair at last Wednesday’s Student Association Senate meeting. The appointment of the vice chair will allow for supplemental funding to be accessible to clubs via the appropriations committee.

Miller says he hopes to improve the senate’s ability to function through reducing combativeness within the body. He also spoke to his former leadership roles in the College Democrats, both at the university and national level which he believes will make him well-equipped to be vice chair.

The three candidates nominated for the election were Senators Jalen Miller, Dylan Klein, and Jalen Rose.

After questioning, debate, and an initial round of voting, two candidates remained: Senator Jalen Miller and Senator Jalen Rose. An additional round of questioning, debate, and voting saw Miller earn a 2/3rds majority, electing him as vice chair.

The Senate Chair, Naishaly Vélez Galán stated that only one of the three candidates had volunteered to help her in her office when she sent out a request for assistance with administrative tasks, proving to her that this candidate was ready for the job.

Miller is a first-term senator, elected in last Spring’s general election. Several senators said they elected him in order to bring a “fresh face” to the senate, reducing the chance of past conflicts within senate factions affecting the body’s leadership this year.


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