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Know Your Rights As a University at Albany Student

By Mattie Fitzpatrick | August 21, 2023

University at Albany Academic Podium.

Photo Credit: Henry Fisher

The benefits of enrolling in the SUNY System are clear: it’s more affordable, it could be closer to home, and many SUNYs are within major hubs but it isn’t clear until you reach the campus. College is difficult and it’s easy for things to fall into the cracks, but here are five benefits of being a SUNY student:

  1. You are able to participate in Study Abroad programs from any SUNY School. In fact, there is a website for the entire SUNY System that makes finding a program easy and accessible. Programs send SUNY students all over the world from all different SUNY Schools.

  2. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act protects students of legal age from having their private information such as grades or medical records released to any outside parties including parents according to UAlbany’s webpage. Once you become a legal adult, you decide how much information you would like your parents to know.

  3. As a UAlbany Student, you have access to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). CAPS can provide you with mental health support and all services are covered by your tuition and fees. Services like individual, couples and group counseling are available as well as psychiatry services. CAPS can also refer students to outside practices if they cannot provide the help that is needed.

  4. In compliance with Title IX, UAlbany has the Office of Equity and Compliance which works to prevent workplace discrimination and sexual violence. This office oversees compliance with UAlbany policies, state laws, and federal laws about discrimination and sexual misconduct. All students and staff are able to make a report regarding sexual violence or discrimination through the Office of Equity and Compliance on their website or in person. This office works to put the power back in the hands of the victim and strives to work in the victim's best interest. There is no time frame for the victim to meet with a representative if they choose to and if they would like to file a police report, students are allowed to file with the university and the police simultaneously.

  5. All UAlbany students have access to complimentary Wall Street Journal and New York Times subscriptions through the UAlbany Library System. This means that all students, faculty, and staff have access to not only WSJ and NYT journalism along with WSJ podcasts, newsletters, career insights, and personal finance advice.


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