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M3GAN Review: She’s Not Your Average Doll

By Rachel Wolk | January 30, 2023

2023 is a new year for new things, especially for the movie industry. As such, “M3GAN” was released on January 5. Main character Gemma is a roboticist who spends long days creating new inventions at toy company Funki, one of them being M3GAN, a humanlike doll that is supposed to be used as both a friend for children and a parent’s supporter.

When her niece Cady’s parents pass away and Gemma must take care of her, she uses M3GAN (Model 3 Generative Android) to make Cady happy. Cady adores M3GAN and they quickly form an adorable bond, though the doll is not all she appears to be. Her overprotectiveness of her companion causes her to despise anyone else who gets in Cady’s way.

When Cady gets bit by Gemma’s neighbor’s dog, M3GAN is horrified and in turn murders the dog in the middle of the night. She harms Cady’s bully Brandon in the woods for trying to hurt Cady by chasing him into the street where a car crash fatally kills him. At the end of the movie, Gemma and Cady work together to take down M3GAN. Cady uses Bruce, one of Gemma’s previous robot inventions to tear her apart. M3GAN is still alive however and tries to kill Cady for betraying her. Gemma puts a chip in M3GAN’s head, with Cady using a screwdriver to stab it so M3GAN can be destroyed. M3GAN, although, is still alive through Gemma’s Google Assistant-like device called Elsie. This leaves us on a huge cliffhanger.

And lucky for us, a sequel is in the works! M3GAN 2.0 is going to be released on January 17, 2025. Mark your calendars.

I believed many parts of M3GAN to be great. We got to witness her iconic dance move when she’s on the way to kill David, the CEO of Funki, though I think TikTok overhyped it a little. She kills David’s assistant Kurt with a paper cutter blade and steals a car to go to Gemma’s house. Yeah, M3GAN is not your average everyday doll, but I found her being different to be appealing.

One cringe-inducing scene was when M3GAN sang “Titanium” by Sia to Cady as she went to sleep. There wasn’t really a point to singing the song, and it came off as creepy Cady’s character truly develops when she bonds with Gemma on taking down M3GAN. The movie emphasizes the meaning of how important family is. Much more important than a robotic killer doll for that matter. I thought of M3GAN’s character to be very strong despite her innocent appearance. Personally, I think she could take down Annabelle or Chucky.

I would rate M3GAN a 9/10. I think it will be one of the premier films of 2023 and any moviegoer should check it out.


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