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Nationals Fans Send a Message to the World

By M. Francis Mirro

Odds are most of us will never get to sit in an owner’s suite with the really fancy and expensive food and drinks. But imagine, for a moment, that not only are you sitting in one, overlooking the crowd below, but you’re watching the World Series and you’re sitting with the President of the United States. What could possibly ruin this moment?

How about thousands of people chanting in unison about how much they hate you?

In the fifth inning of game five of the World Series, the scoreboard at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. displayed a tribute to military veterans, met with thunderous applause by the whole, 41 thousand strong crowd at the sold-out game.

A moment later, on screen came the bright orange mug of President Donald Trump. The mood in the house immediately changed.

The Nationals fans began booing the president; the noise level was even measured at 100 decibels, equivalent to a jet takeoff at 305 meters. Video footage later showed pockets of fans throughout the stadium chanting “Lock him up!” and Trump’s mood was visibly soured by the crowd’s rebuke.

That wasn’t all.

Behind home plate, a pair of Iraq War veterans held up signs reading “Veterans for Impeachment.”

The Nationals, the home team, lost that night. So did the president, also presumably on his home turf. But the clear and defiant rejection of this embarrassing administration certainly made it a clear win for America.

No amount of booing could ever break the president’s rally-fueled delusion of himself as a beloved and effective leader. His poor polling certainly hasn’t been enough, either. But the message from Nationals fans was clear as they voiced their objection directly to the Criminal-in-Chief in the stands: We are angry. He does not represent us.

On an international platform such as the World Series, it was mass a reminder to the international community that the American people remain largely sane (and according to all objective polling, mostly liberal), and held captive by an increasingly insane and cultish government.

The solution is not to sit idle but to stand, loud and active. Change must be demanded, rights must be constantly secured. Voices need to speak up to be heard. The Washington Nationals’ victory was historic but their fans brought home a victory we all needed and one we need to continue to capitalize on and strike while the iron is hot.

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