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OPINION: A Letter to UAlbany Students Concerning Recent Violence

By Ashley Wint | September 26, 2022

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Dear UAlbany students,

Crime is on the rise in our community. As students we need to be both attentive and cautious so we can protect ourselves along with those around us.

On the afternoon of Sept. 11, there was an alleged stabbing and shots fired near Alumni Quad. According to reporting by the Times Union, this incident sent a 16-year-old with a punctured shoulder to Albany Medical Center Hospital for critical attention. The University Police Department (UPD) say that no students from the university had been involved, only that high school aged students were.

The university sent out emails with information about the altercation after receiving news from UPD around 4:00 p.m. The email, signed by Chief of Police Paul Burlingame, states that the stabber was reported as a “male with short black hair wearing a long sleeve gray shirt, with a black hooded sweatshirt underneath. He was also described as wearing dark jeans, white sneakers.” Additionally, the stabber was believed to have a silver handgun and fled north on Ontario Street.

For most of us, this information isn't shocking due to the wave of crime occurring as of late. This includes the Aug. 28 shooting, which injured six, and the back-to-back shootings in Pine Hills near the beginning of the semester.

I am appalled by the atrocities occurring so close to our campus. There has been an unnecessary amount of violence that needs to be put to an end. We should take this as a warning to be more alert to our environment. To help students, UPD officers will be available to escort students upon request, and students can call (518) 442-3131 to use this service. Furthermore, there will be an increased presence of the UPD surrounding Alumni Quad.

Students are urged to avoid both indoor and outdoor large gatherings because crowds are unsafe. This is in regards to the shooting on Aug. 28 that left six people injured near Hudson Avenue. The school also recommends reporting any suspicious activity. You can also notify (518) 462-8039 for information concerning this topic.

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