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Provost to establish budget metric task force

By Meghan Brink | February 10, 2021

UAlbany Provost Carol Kim announced on Tuesday that a task force will be established to assess the budget metrics that will impose a 15% cut across Academic Affairs in the next fiscal year.

The task force will consist of nominated representatives from various stakeholders in an effort to facilitate more transparency and incorporate recent feedback that Kim has received on the proposed budget metrics, according to a recent update from the Office of the Provost.

Kim has received heat over the proposed budget metrics from stakeholders such as the United University Professions Union (UUP), which argues that the process lacks collaboration.

“The metrics were designed by the deans,” said Paul Stasi, UUP Albany Vice President for Academics. “We have been advocating all along that what the university should do instead is consult the University Senate, UUP, and department chairs.”

The task force will be composed of a steering committee and metric work groups that will be assigned a metric category to review. These metrics categories include enrollment demand and retention, research excellence, public engagement, diversity and inclusion, and efficiency and revenue generation.

A member from each metric work group and a dean will serve as co-chairs. Each work group will review their assigned metric work group and the steering committee will provide feedback to the Provost on the metric work group’s conclusions.

The stakeholders nominated by Kim to partake in the metric task force include individual schools and colleges within Academic Affairs, the university Senate, UUP, the Student Association, the Graduate Association, and self-nominations. Each stakeholder may nominate a candidate to be appointed to the task force by Thursday, February 11.


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