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DISQUALIFIED: Ramsaran and Moschovitis Campaign Found in Violation of Campaign Bylaws

By Meghan Brink, Cameron Cupp and Nathaniel DePaul | April 15th, 2021

Bryan Ramsaran and Peter Moschovitis were retroactively disqualified by the Student Association Elections Commission from the 2021-2022 Student Association Presidential Election.

After weeks of investigation, the EC found the Ramsaran campaign in violation of several bylaws pertaining to candidates for SA office.

A 4-0-1 vote in executive session behind closed doors late Thursday night, with the Elections Chair abstaining, overturned the results of the election.

In a narrow 40 vote margin, Ramsaran-Moschovitis briefly assumed the positions of President and Vice President Elect of SA on March 26.

Days later, the EC initiated an investigation based on evidence submitted via sources independent of their opponents, alleging three violations of SA bylaws regarding campaigning. The bylaws dictate that candidates must adhere to all SA and university and affiliated policies during campaigning.

Ramsaran and Moschovitis were convicted under violation of this bylaw on the grounds of three main violations of university and SA policy regarding rogue Greek life, bribery, and harassment.

The evidence in regards to these allegations was formally brought to light to the student population via a public Zoom held by the five member EC, allowing the accused to make opening and closing statements.

The four individuals at the center of the controversy, Ramsaran and Moschovitis themselves, as well as Tyler Ross and Prakash Thakur, were heavily vocal about concerns with the EC’s integrity, as they claimed they exhibited bias against Ramsaran and his associates.

The EC made no commitments regarding the future of the election results, whether that means there will be a redo of the election or if the runner-up will be instated on the merits of Ramsaran’s disqualification.

The ASP is awaiting further comment from involved parties.


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