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Relationship Issues? Here is What Stella Has to Say...

Stella asked UAlbany if they had any questions for dating during the pandemic. Here are some of the questions students had this week.

So I've been with my partner for a few months and we are about to be an LDR (long distant relationship) because of the semester ending. What are your tips for keeping that spark and keeping the love alive while not being able to see one another in person or being unable to have physical affection and intimacy?

Being in a long distant relationship definitely changes the whole dynamic of a relationship, so props to both of you for thinking ahead and wanting to keep that spark. Obviously communicating with one another will be a lot different all over text and Facetime than it is in person, but that does not mean the spark you have will fade away. If you both are really in love with each other, the spark is not going to fade if you can’t show each other physical affection while apart for the summer.

You could do things for one another that make each other feel special from a distance like virtual dates. Other fun long-distance friendly activates you guys could to do is make each other playlists, make a shared photo album to share any photos you take, or watch movies together on Netflix party. Doing the same craft or a virtual painting class could also be a fun virtual date that could make you feel closer while spending your summer apart.

Surprising your partner by sending them a handwritten note or a text message of appreciation would make anyone feel special from any distance. And obviously taking time aside to chat on the phone or Facetime every so often will be more important to you guys now than it has been.

Should I be worried that I haven’t met anyone special yet at college, even though everyone’s living through a pandemic?

You should not be worried at all for not finding the love of your life at college during a pandemic. So many people are not on campus, and not many things have been in person this year for you to branch out and meet new people to begin with.

Keep in mind, not everyone finds their soulmate while in college. Many people graduate college in their early twenties, with their whole life ahead to meet people. You should not feel pressured to find someone special because your person will come to you at the right time, whether that be in college or years down the road.

How do you meet people during the pandemic besides through dating apps?

To be honest with you, there are not a lot of places to find people without using apps or other social media right now. I think next semester when events and classes are all in person again, you will have so many opportunities to find people with the same interests as you.

I would say try joining clubs on campus now, but with the semester ending so soon, I really think next semester will be best for you. COVID-19 is still prevalent, so many people are still reserved with hanging out or around strangers, but with campus planning to be back in person, next year you will have so many opportunities through the events UAlbany has.

Where should I take my girlfriend on a date?

Going on a date has been tricky for everyone in the past year with COVID-19 but things are definitely getting better. Restaurants were closed or places had capacity limits making it difficult to hit the town with your special someone, but now with more business being opened going on a date will be a lot easier this summer.

You could always go on a lunch or dinner date to a restaurant you think your girlfriend would enjoy. With the weather getting nicer, you have a lot more date options considering outdoor activities like a picnic in the park. That is always a cute option and can make your girlfriend feel so special if you plan the picnic and bring the snacks and drinks she likes.

Taking a nice stroll or hike on a sunny day is also fun and a very inexpensive date that could be more adventurous depending on where you want to go. You could also go to a drive-in movie, either just the two of you or bring a group of friends and get ice cream. Plan a date you think she will genuinely enjoy and I’m sure she will feel like the luckiest gal in the world with whatever you do.

Does manifesting your ex actually work?

I’m sorry to break this to you but if you have to manifest your ex to come back, it’s just not meant to be. I know you may want them back but writing their name on a piece of paper and sleeping with it under your pillow is not going to make them genuinely fall in love with you again. Even if manifesting does bring your ex back, you deserve someone who does not have to be manifested back into your life.

There are plenty of fish in the sea that you would not ever have to use the 369 manifesting method to make them like you.Kanye West manifested marrying Kim Kardashian and now they are getting divorced so use your manifestation skills on yourself.Manifest getting lots of money, or getting the job of your dreams, and leave your ex in the past where they belong.

Why do men?

As much as I would love to answer this question, I cannot. It's just not in my skillset to answer this because I genuinely don’t know. If you ever find the answer, please share with the world.




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