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Renovations Coming to the Earth Sciences Building

By Shawn Ness | February 28, 2022

Photo Credit: University at Albany

The Earth Science building will be undergoing a gut renovation, with the addition of new labs and classrooms. All classes usually housed there will be moving to the humanities building.

The renovations will begin in March 2023 and are expected to be complete in the second half of 2025.

“One of the more complicated aspects of these large campus construction projects is finding spaces for the academic and administrative units that are displaced by the construction,” said University Spokesman, Jordan Carleo-Evangelist. “The Podium essentially becomes like a giant puzzle.”

The Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences was moved from the Earth Science building to the new ETEC building back in August. These upcoming changes are similar to when classes in the Administration building, now called Catskill, were moved while Catskill was under renovation.

The renovations plans are similar to the one’s for the Catskill building that happened in 2019. The interior of the building will be demolished and reconfigured into something more modern. It will include better circulation, modern equipment, and natural lighting. There will also be six general chemistry labs located on the first floor and six organic chemistry labs located on the second. The exterior windows and doors of the building will not be replaced, as they were replaced in 2007.

“Unlike Catskill, however, the new spaces in Earth Sciences will be more focused on the hard sciences, including new general chemistry labs,” Carleo-Evangelist said. “We expect to be able to occupy the new Earth Sciences building in mid-2025.”


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