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Renovations on Colonial Quad Focused on Activities

By Julia Weiss

Photo Credit - Courtesy of the UAlbany Department of Communications and Marketing

3-D Renderings of the Colonial Quad Renovation

Colonial Quad is the next major campus location slated for renovation, which will begin in mid 2020.

These plans will focus on Paine and Zenger halls, which hold the quad’s out of service dining hall in their basement.

Renovations will include new indoor recreational space for activities such as yoga, and dance, and room for amenities such as exercise bikes.

This renovated area also comes with a $40 million budget.

Colonial Quad has already undergone renovation recently, its Herkimer Hall being one of the most recently renovated residential buildings on campus, having been restored and reopened in Fall of 2017, according to the university’s website.

“The ‘recreation’ part of the project will transform the kitchen,” said Mike Nolan from UAlbany’s Department of Communications and Marketing “dining, and the sunken courtyard space into an indoor multi-use exercise and recreation area.”

“I’m really looking forward to that, especially the yoga and meditation room,” said Kayla Frias, a junior who resides on Colonial Quad.

“I’m happy to see the school take things like self care into account and are providing services that can only benefit the students,” Frias says.

Construction should only affect a few residents, since renovations will begin in the summer.

“This is a unique opportunity to convert the old dining and kitchen spaces into a beautiful signature recreation area for the entire campus community to enjoy for many years to come,” said Nolan.

Although this project will probably not be utilized by current residents of Colonial Quad since they are already sophomores, juniors, and seniors, it is a project that could well serve future generations of UAlbany students.


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