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Review: Falling (Asleep) For Christmas

By Lexie Zanghi | November 21, 2022

Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet’s newest movie, “Falling for Christmas,” is Netflix’s take on the classic Hallmark-style cheesy romantic holiday movie; I would say it is worse than a Hallmark movie due to the cringey acting, unoriginal plot, and overall boring tone of the movie.

The film takes place in a wintry ski resort town during Christmas time. The audience sees two ski resorts: the Belmont Summit Resort, a boujee, high-end ski resort, and the North Star Lodge, a homey, low-end bed and breakfast.

Lohan and Overstreet star as Sierra and Jake, the main love interests in the movie. Sierra comes from a wealthy household and has never lifted a finger for anything, as her father owns the high-end Belmont Summit Resort. Meanwhile, Jake runs the North Star Lodge with his mother-in-law and young daughter after his wife passed away.

Sierra falls and hits her head while skiing with her extremely annoying British boyfriend, Tad, played by George Young. While Sierra is face down in the snow, Jake comes snowmobiling to her rescue and takes her back to safety at the North Star Lodge. She suffers from amnesia, an overdone trope across media, which did nothing but add to the cringe factor of this movie.

When Sierra hits her head, she forgets everything about her life and what happened before the fall, including her name. Throughout the movie, she tries to do normal things around the lodge to try and jog her memory. Since she comes from a rich family she has never made herself breakfast, made her bed, or anything of that sort, presenting yet another trope of rich people being depicted as helpless.

For Lindsay Lohan’s big reentrance to acting, she gave an extremely subpar performance. Audiences are wondering where the Cady Heron flair is (speaking of, there are several Easter Eggs from a certain “Mean Girls” scene in this Christmas flick).

One of the worst parts about the movie is Sierra’s boyfriend, Tad. His character is so obnoxious and over expressive, which is likely what the director was going for, but was a cringe-inducing experience all the same.

The movie was short, and followed the typical Hallmark movie storyline. It hit all the right pivotal points, and the Christmas town and North Star Lodge was adorable (despite the fact that there is realistically no way Jake could have afforded all of that decor).

If you are looking for a cringey but cute and romantic Christmas movie, I would suggest sticking to the classic Hallmark movies, or another Netflic flick like “Love Hard” or “Holidate” instead.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Would I watch it again? No.


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