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REVIEW: Smash Broadway Hit “Hamilton” Comes to Capital Region

By Kathryn Taleporos & Rachel Wolk | March 27, 2023

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait” - Alexander Hamilton.

So many people know and adore Hamilton, the infamous Broadway musical with a soundtrack that has infiltrated our minds ever since its debut in 2016. Hamilton is currently on a National Tour going to theaters all across the United States. From March 14-March 26 it performed at Proctors Theatre. The theater is located about 20 minutes away from campus in Schenectady.

The show, written by legendary songwriter Lin Manuel-Miranda, documents the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the United States' founding fathers.

The songs are phenomenal and even though this was an off-broadway production of Hamilton, it felt so Broadway. Favorites such as “Alexander Hamilton”, “The Schuyler Sisters”, and “Wait For It” were featured in the show and had outstanding feedback from the audience.

The first act of the show takes the audience through the American Revolution, from the arrival of Alexander Hamilton through the Battle of Yorktown.

The second act shows the aftermath of the revolution and the start of the country. The main characters switch from revolutionary figures such as Marquis de Lafayette to influential founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson.

While many of the songs are hip-hop and rap, the show is about American history. The catchy soundtrack and popularity of the show bring sometimes forgotten history back into the spotlight. The songs allow audiences to be both engaged and educated about the history of Alexander Hamilton.

The songs were both memorable and educational in terms of history. The upbeat tunes and appealing lyrics engaged audiences to want to enjoy the show. The soundtrack of Hamilton is what draws in the fans for the most part.

The show itself left audiences in Proctors speechless. One of the breathtaking parts of the show was the set.

With ropes and platforms to look like a ship, the set made the whole show incredible. Not only were the parts of the stage movable, but the center of the stage was two circles that rotated.

A rotating stage where actors and dancers were already doing difficult choreography made the show look and feel like a Broadway show. The song “Satisfied” showcased this where the spinning stage made it truly look like the performers were rewinding in time. The rewinding in time is meant to reflect how Angelica previously felt about Alexander before she introduced him to Eliza.

In addition to the stunning set, the lighting of the show truly immersed the audience into the show. The strobe lights and fancy effects enhanced the performance.

Color effects of the lighting not only added to the intensity of the show but also the humor. A crowd favorite was King George’s song, where the colored lighting conveyed King George’s emotions and made the songs even funnier.

Overall, Proctors’ production of Hamilton far exceeded our expectations. The ASP also had the opportunity to interview actress Nikisha Williams, who performed as Eliza Hamilton.


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