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REVIEW: "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour"

By Kathryn Taleporos | October 16, 2023

On March 17, 2023, singer Taylor Swift launched her record-breaking tour, The Eras Tour, in Glendale, Arizona. Seven months later, Swift released “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” in theaters worldwide.

The film takes place at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. It is meant to be a concert experience for those who were unable to attend the first U.S. leg of the tour. Demand for tickets was unprecedented, and many fans were left with no tickets or way to experience the show. The movie brought the concert to “Swifties” worldwide and made it easy for anyone to experience the magic of the Eras Tour.

The Eras Tour went through all 10 eras of Swift’s music, ranging from her early songs in the country genre to her current pop and folk genre. Most of Swift’s most popular singles made it onto the setlist, such as her songs “Shake it Off,” and “Lover.” Some of her lesser known songs like “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” also made the exclusive setlist.

Swift represented each era with at least one song, however some eras got way more attention than others. For example, from her “Speak Now” album she only performed one song, but she performed six songs from her album “folklore.” Albums such as “Speak Now” and “Taylor Swift” which got only one song definitely deserved more representation in the film.

In addition to underrepresenting some of her albums, she also cut some of the most pivotal songs from the setlist for the movie. Swift cut five songs for the film and the songs she picked to cut were some of her best songs.

However, the film was still incredible. The graphics on the stage were so intricate and the effects such as the fire during the song “Bad Blood” made it seem like the audience was directly on stage with Swift.

The dancers and others on stage with Swift also made the entire movie amazing. The film showcased the dancers’ talent by giving them individual screen time, and the movie showcased how dancers and the band can elevate the show to a new level.

This was not just a normal movie, Swift fully intended this to be more like a concert, and that is exactly what happened. Everyone there was in their full Eras Tour outfit, which means glittery dresses and cowboy boots, and of course, friendship bracelets.

Although not a specific part of the movie, friendship bracelets were essential to this experience. Almost everyone in the theater was trading friendship bracelets with other fans. They were doing this because of the lyric in Swift’s song “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” where she says, “So make the friendship bracelet, take the moment and taste it.” The added fun of trading bracelets made this movie experience more enjoyable.

Friendship Bracelets

Photo Credit: Kathryn Taleporos / The ASP

The concert experience continued with singing and dancing during the film. While normally the theater is silent for fans to enjoy, fans were singing along and dancing to the songs during the entire movie. This was not distracting from the movie at all though, in reality it actually made it more enjoyable because it made it seem more like we were all at the concert with Swift.

Overall this movie was something only Swift could pull off. She brought her life changing tour to movie theater screens and made it so that fans around the world can experience the power of her music in concert.

You can see “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” at Regal Cinemas at Crossgates.


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