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By Lexie Zanghi | November 7, 2021

Hello, you. I see you’ve wanted to read this article. Interesting. You want the ASP’s attention, don’t you?

One of Netflix’s most popular series had its third season release Oct. 15, and fans have had many mixed reviews on it.

The third season picks up right where it left off on the cliffhanger ending of season two. The main character, Joe Goldberg, has a new obsession: the neighbor next door.

Spoilers ahead!

Many fans thought the whole season would revolve around Joe pursuing the neighbor, but Joe’s new wife, Love, kills her with an axe at the end of the first episode. Plot twist!

As I turned on episode two, I had no idea what was to come. The season was filled with a series of unpredictable deaths and marital issues between the couple. Some of these issues stemmed from new love interests for both characters.

Joe’s new love interest after the neighbor, was Marienne Bellamy, who to no surprise, works at a library. Joe volunteers at the library to get time away from his sociopathic wife to try to win over Marienne.

As the season progressed, Joe and Marienne’s connection increased as they grew closer. I personally saw no chemistry between the two and felt their whole relationship was dry. I often tuned out during their scenes because they were just boring.

As Love is shopping at the store, she encounters her new lover, Theo. Theo is a college student visiting his father, who was married to Natalie, Joe and Love’s neighbor.

Theo and Love’s connection is much stronger, and I felt more attached to their relationship development than Marienne and Joe’s. The problem with their attraction is that Theo is much younger than Love, and she sometimes uses it to her advantage.

After binging the series in a mere two days, I would say it falls short of the other two seasons. While I like Love more than Beck, I do think this season was probably the worst out of all three. I was disappointed with the plotlines. It feels as if they may have rushed the writing in order to release it sooner.

I felt it was repetitive, with constant arguing between Love and Joe, and Joe Goldberg’s typical habits of stalking and obsessing over a girl.

One thing about the show I love and found unique was seeing the minds of the characters. Viewers of the show constantly knew what Joe was thinking and feeling by having the show narrated by him, and this season especially was the best time to have that effect. Hearing him critique Love’s every action really showed how messed up he was. Another cool part was seeing Love and Joe go to marriage counseling. It added humor because the counselor is so oblivious. As the two were discussing their issues during an appointment, the counselor said, “You’re many things, but you’re not murderers,” and that could not have been a more perfect line.

The endings of the seasons are usually highly intense and jaw-dropping. I, of course, was not a fan of the ending, being I was #teamlove since the beginning of season two. Why was Joe so against his wife being exactly like him? How hypocritical. I do not believe she is dead. She is too sharp to let Joe outsmart her. I hope to see her come back next season in Paris, even though it will be a repeat plotline since Joe’s ex Candace came back from “the dead”.

Overall, I thought the whole season was repetitive and a bit bland, but it was still okay enough to be excited for the next season to see how they continue it.


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