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Season Two of Euphoria’s Best Episode

By Sydney Geoghan | February 28, 2022

On Feb. 20, Euphoria released a new episode where Lexi shows her production of the high school play.

Lexi Howard's play “Oklahoma” is based on her childhood. She did not tell her friends and family that this play would include them just with different names.

In my opinion, this episode is the best of season two. At first I thought it would be a simple play that Lexi would be showing, but once I saw that she included the other characters, I knew it wouldn’t be simple. I was impressed by how Lexi had pulled it off. The play did have a positive effect on everyone but Cassie and Nate.

My favorite part about this episode is that Lexi has exposed everyone in their actions. I wish Lexi showed more of the parts of Cassie and Maddie’s friendship, as many of us wanted to see if Cassie and Maddy would make up or challenge each other in a fight.

The part I truly liked the most was the half-naked football players dancing. This part offended Nate since it reminded him of his dad Cal. In this season, we find that Cal had a male-lover back in high school. During this time, Nate’s mother becomes pregnant and Cal has to, unfortunately, end his relationship with his lover. Nate also finds out about the sex videos that Cal made in the hotel, especially with Jules. These sex videos included men and transgender women.

Overall, I think Lexi mainly tried to target Cassie for everything she had done. Primarily the fact that she was getting with Nate who was the ex of her best friend, Maddy.

I also wanted to see Rue and Jules become friends again. Throughout the two seasons, Rue and Jules had a really good connection which made the two become best friends. Rue’s drug addiction broke up their relationship.

Now since Rue has been trying to get clean for the last couple of episodes, I am hoping that Jules will forgive her and that they will become the friends that they were.

This episode is different from the last six episodes of season two because it is a learning process for each character to realize their actions and fix them.

Although we could not finish the play since it was to be continued in the next episode, I am looking forward to seeing what happens to each character at the end of this play.


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