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Songs to Celebrate Because the Fountain is Back On

By: Danielle Modica | March 28, 2022

Dry your tears and cry no more! The iconic University at Albany main fountain is up-and-running after a year of maintenance. Now that warm weather, finals and fountain season is arriving, all you need is a spring soundtrack. The ASP has your back with a celebratory fountain playlist! Here’s a breakdown of some top song picks.

Photo of the fountain | Credit: Danielle Modica/The ASP

Kool & The Gang - “Celebration

Any celebration is incomplete without this musical embodiment of excitement. This post-disco single was Kool & The Gang’s first and only number one Billboard Top 100 hit, and for good reason. The song emits pure good vibes, suitable for rejoicing the fountain’s return. Try to listen to this song without tapping your foot or at least smiling, it’s impossible.

Fountains of Wayne - “Stacy's Mom

Why “Stacy’s Mom?” To be honest, this song was mainly added because of the band name. Not to discredit this timeless jam, of course. Formed in 1995, Fountains of Wayne’s namesake was inspired by a lawn ornament store in Wayne, New Jersey. They achieved commercial success after the release of “Stacy’s Mom” in 2003, and the song has been a classic ever since. The track’s pop-rock inspiration and catchy lyrics combine to create an easy-going, fun song fitting for any spring occasion.

Vampire Weekend - “Campus

Another cliché but prominent song, “Campus” was written about songwriter Ezra Koenig’s encounters studying at Columbia University. The lyrics detail navigating campus alongside other parts of relatable college-life, like obnoxious professors and waking up for class in the morning. “Walking across the campus” to the lecture center steps and getting a glimpse of the fountain is always a highlight of my mornings, adding this song to the experience is sure to add an extra layer of satisfaction.

Electric Light Orchestra - “Mr. Blue Sky

Sayonara, snow! Blue skies are on their way, so bring on brighter days with this 1977 chart-topper. Can’t go wrong with ELO, especially to stew up some excitement. “Mr. Blue Sky” is an essential spring track for getting a little pep in your step during tiring weeks. Besides some percussion and string instruments, ELO is known for their unique use of synthesizers which contribute to an ethereal or interstellar sound.

Wallows - “These Days

Off of Wallows’ 2018 EP “Spring” (how fitting), “These Days” is a great track for hanging out by the main fountain with some friends or getting some work done by the umbrella tables. Though the lyrics have deep emotional meaning, the song has a lighthearted keyboard melody, comparable to an upbeat Animal Crossing theme. Live your best main character life walking through campus with this single!

Enjoy the fountain this semester! For the full playlist and many more, including our original “Songs to Cry to Because the Fountain is Shut Off” playlist, check out the official Albany Student Press Spotify.


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