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Stella Says

Photo Credit: ASP

This week Stella asked the students of UAlbany what advice they need with upcoming midterms and spring break via Instagram. Here’s what they had to say.

I’m very conflicted right now because one of my professors assigned a take-home exam due at the end of spring break but my friends and I have a trip to Cancun planned. Should I do my midterm while I’m on the trip or do it the day I get back (which is the day the exam is due)?

First off, your professor did your class dirty by assigning a test over spring break. The whole point of a break is to actually rest and recoup for the last weeks of our semester.

If your professor assigned the test due at the end of spring break, could you do it before your trip? The last thing you need to be stressed about is a test while you're relaxing undering the Cancun sun. I say if you have no choice and you’re ready to take it while on vacation, try to get it over with so you don’t have to waste your whole vacation worrying about this test. Also, you have to think if you will have good wifi and the focus for this test if all your friends are in Cancun with you.

Good grades are vital but good memories matter, too. Make sure you actually get to take a moment to relax without stressing about school this break.



Help! I have a big ultimate frisbee tournament right in the middle of Spring Break but I also have to break up with my girlfriend at some point while I am home for Spring Break. Should I do it before or after my frisbee tournament? I really just need a clear mental headspace to focus on my disc technique. Any thoughts?

I think you know your answer if you need to have a clear headspace for your frisbee tournament. Going through a breakup can be rough, so either way, if you’re breaking up with her days before your tournament or right after you’re going to be thinking about it. If you’re already saying you will be breaking up with her, it’s better sooner than later. It is only fair if you tell your girlfriend (or should I say soon-to-be ex-girlfriend) how you feel. Don’t waste her time so you can have a better frisbee game.



I don’t know what to do. Every single night around 1 am my roommate comes back to the room with three guys and makes me leave so she can… well you know. Anyways I have some difficult midterms coming up and I’m having a hard time focusing in class and studying because of my roommate and the guys. What should I do?

Having clear and open communication with someone you live with is essential. I understand the frustration of getting kicked out of your room every night at 1a.m., especially if you’re trying to stud, but your roommate may not realize your frustrations if you don’t tell her. You need to tell her how stressful you find having to leave the room for her and her pals is and how it is affecting your schoolwork.

I would say try to make a schedule of when both of you will allow guests. Having this schedule will help you know what times you can avoid your room, because at the end of the day you guys share a space and deserve to use it however you would like.

And hey, let her live. If she invited three guys over, let her have her fun as long as you are told in advance. Maybe you should try bringing three people over at 1 a.m. for a little fun.




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