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Student Thoughts: Rain, rain, will it ever go away?

By Fiona Hernandez | October 3, 2022

Rain has been happening a lot in the Capital Region. On-and-off showers came through Albany all week last week, and due to Hurricane Ian, it is predicted that more rain is to come. While some students enjoy watching the rain from their window, other students’ dislike gloomy days. The ASP asked three University at Albany students to weigh in on how they feel about the rain.

Rain on Empire Commons

Photo Credit: Fiona Hernandez (ASP)

UAlbany senior Elena Johnson can’t stand the rain.

“I feel like the rain can really affect my mood in a negative way sometimes so with the constantly gloomy clouds and rainfall it can be hard to be cheerful,” Johnson said. “I feel more tired and less optimistic than I usually am.”

Johnson also shared that she feels that it makes her and other students wary about going to class.

“I think students can be a lot less motivated during rainy days to leave their room because most don’t want to go to class soaking wet or feel bothered to even leave their dorm,” Johnson said. “I definitely struggle with this as well and have to really motivate myself to go to class.”

Other students like the rain, but agree it affects their mental state.

“I like the rain when I’m with the right person, in bed watching tv and/or have a nice hot drink, but I hate the rain without having an umbrella,” junior Katelyn Baston said. “The rain makes me uninterested in going to class or doing schoolwork… I prefer the warmer weather so I can feel more comfortable outside too.”

UAlbany senior Julianna DeFeo loves the rain.

“I actually love the rain… thunderstorms make me happy,” DeFeo said. “I love staying home when it is storming and sitting on my covered porch to watch the rain.”

However, DeFeo does mention that the rain makes her not want to attend class or do any of her homework.

“Even though I love the rain, it definitely makes me not want to go to class, especially with the heavy rain we have been getting,” DeFeo said. “We have been getting downpours, not just light drizzles, so I dread having to walk to my classes when the weather calls for rain.”

Whether you like the rain or not, it looks like there are more rainy days to come.


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