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Teach-Out - Students In: The Impact of Saint Rose and UAlbany’s Partnership

By Shaylee Staves | February 5, 2024

What would you do if you discovered your school was closing down? This is the very question current Saint Rose students have been considering since the closure of the college was announced on Dec. 1 2023. 

With the College of Saint Rose shutting down, various schools in the area have reached out a helping hand, University at Albany among them. UAlbany is officially part of the Teach-Out Program which also includes schools such as SUNY Plattsburgh, SUNY New Paltz, Russell Sage College, and Siena College. 

A “teach-out” refers to a partnership between institutions to take on students in the case that one closes down or can no longer accommodate them. This allows for students to still be able to complete their degree or program regardless of factors outside of their control. 

The Teach-Out Agreement between Saint Rose and UAlbany denotes several terms, including waivers regarding admissions, enrollment, and transfer applications fees and deadlines; the acceptance of credits; equal consideration for student housing and participation in student life; and tuition equal to or lower than that which would have been paid at the College of Saint Rose. The full breakdown of the Teach-Out Agreement can be found on the Saint Rose’s website

For many, choosing their new school is more than just a question of where to go. This is especially true for those looking for specific programs to facilitate their future careers. On UAlbany’s Admissions page regarding Saint Rose, there are 35 equivalent undergraduate programs and graduate programs in Business, Education, Science and Social Welfare. 

President Havidán Rodríguez of UAlbany said, “The college has plans in the works to reopen its undergraduate education program, but requires approval from the New York State Education Department first.”

There will also be a Transfer Fair on Feb. 15 held in the Massry Center for the Arts at Saint Rose to assist students. Many colleges and universities, including University at Albany, will be in attendance to help students find their best fit. Due to the possibility of many new transfer students joining the University at Albany in the next semester, questions have been raised regarding the school’s budget and its ability to accommodate such an influx of students.

According to The Forum, a newsletter by the United University Professions union, the university may not be receiving the adequate budget increases to accommodate these changes. These speculations have yet to be confirmed but certain provide more insight and depth to the events currently unfolding for education in Albany, NY.


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