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The Hopeless Romantic

By Dominique Platt | February 14, 2024

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dear Soulmate,

I am a hopeless romantic, 

That means, in simple terms 

I love love, I love being loved, and 

I do not fear falling in love, 

No matter the constant pain that often comes 

with landing 

Or the voices of many calling me an idiot 


Daydreaming of women who wouldn't dare 

tell me the time of day, 

And I justify my seemingly senseless war 

for love, 

By saying one day when I land, 

I will land peacefully into the arms of a 


Who has already fallen in love with me, 

Or I will finally die trying to find her 

Her that makes waking up on a Monday 


A welcomed experience.

I do not carry anger for those who call me 


To fall in love correctly one must not just 

jump from the cliff 

But also be completely consumed by the 

mist of cliff's side 

Until mere moments away from landing. 

There is no chance for correction or 


Once you surrender to the cliff, 

You are at the mercy of Cupid, 

a man-child with a most wicked sense of 


To do such a thing willingly 

More than once 

Is an act of insanity, 

Especially when the first dive off the cliff

Lead to a heart being impaled by the spikes 

of rejection, 

And the complete shattering of a mind 

As it played tennis with the rocks along 

cliff's face, 

And the second lead to one's spirit leaving 

Simply because the chains of being the 

perfect gentleman 

Became too painful to wear.

It is indeed mad, 

It is indeed foolish,

It is indeed stupid 

To fall in love, 

But to wish once more for the opportunity to 

fall in love 

After experiencing even a fraction of our 


Would be darn near suicidal. 

Yet, a hopeless romantic 

Would do just that, 

Heal their wounds, 

Crawl to the cliff, and jump again happily 

Like a fool.

To my soul mate,

We are a hopeless romantic.

We warn you sincerely that 

We will continue to jump over and over 


On purpose or 

By accident 

Until we fall into your arms or 

Die trying to find you.


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