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They Valid or Not: Euphoria Edition

By Tishan Roye | March 8, 2022

Personally, I have a fight to dish out with Sam Levinson. I cannot wait until 2024 for season three of Euphoria; I could barely wait a week for the new episodes. He had me waiting impatiently for each episode every week. I feel like Euphoria has collectively somehow built a community over the internet. What are we all going to be watching on Sunday night at 9 p.m. now? I think we should all develop a new obsession.

With the conclusion of the season finale, I believe everyone can attest to the fact that some of the characters' actions have been rather questionable. Do you guys think they valid or not? Here’s my opinion.

1. Rue

Valid. Come on now, sis is clean, and yes, she made a lot of mistakes which she has apologized for. But I'm just so happy to see her thriving and trying. Not to mention this is a ‘Jules-Hate Zone.’ When Rue got up and left in the ending scene, it made me so excited. She’s leaving behind her toxic relationship. You go, Rue! Also, side note Zendaya’s performance in episode four had my toes curling and clenching the entire episode. Her portrayal of a drug addict was so believable. Zendaya send that workout routine please because your stamina throughout all those running scenes was impressive. I'm pretty sure we were all on the edge of our seats with Zendaya’s performance and rightfully so. Come on now, I see her getting another Emmy in the near future as her acting skills were “tew good.”

2. Maddie

You already know Maddie is valid. She is literally such a loyal friend, who is confident and is truthful, unlike her ex-best friend. I felt so sorry for Maddie when she was crying while Nate had a gun to his head, but was I the only one who caught the sign that said ‘Smile you’re on camera.’? I hope Maddie has a recording of what Nate did to her, especially a copy of the CD with Jules and Cal interaction. I believe Maddie is plotting her revenge, as she should. I wish we could’ve seen more fighting scenes between her and Cassie. Like Maddie you only gave her a bloody nose, you can do better.

3. Cassie

Instantly not valid. So first she hooks up with her best friend's ex, kept it a secret, pretended to be the victim when everyone found out, then proceeded to essentially try to become Maddie. It’s giving very much crazy and delusional. Cassie’s overall persona changed drastically compared to how she was in season one. Sam Levinson really skewed her character because as a former Cassie fan, I have no choice but to jump on the Cassie hate train. Hopefully, her character will evolve positively by season three.

4. Nate

Do I even have to say this one? He's not valid. This man is so abusive and that Russian Roulette thing he did to Maddie, no no no. Also, Nate reporting his dad is giving very much hypocrisy. The shared amount of crimes Nate committed could get him locked away for a very long time. I believe he reported his dad to portray somewhat of a savior complex of an innocent son to save his father’s business that he will evidently inherit. However, I know my girl Maddie is plotting something big to take him down.

5. Fezco

Valid, it's Fezco. There’s literally no explanation needed here. He is such a good friend. I feel so bad for Fez losing Ash. He was willing to take the blame for Ashtray’s actions. I hope Faye’s comment on Laurie will help to get him less time in prison. On the other hand, Fexi is way too cute, the relationship has me quivering.

6. Lexi

Come on now, Lexi is valid. She’s literally the truest character in this entire show. I just wanted her and Fez to live together on a farm together and have three children when they are 30. Also, Lexi’s play ate everyone up. It was so good. But was I the only one who thought the name of the play was “Oklahoma”? Only me …. okay.

7. Kat

Invalid. I feel as if Sam Levinson did Barbie’s character dirty as most of her scenes were taken out of this season. Compared to season one, we see where Kat had a whole transformation, and I believe most of her storylines are not being completed. The way Kat broke up with Ethan was so pathetic. Like it was okay that she did not like him anymore but lying about a life-threatening illness is not funny.

8. BB (Vape girl)

Valid. Not many people remember BB, but she is a part of Maddie’s friend group. I loved the way she support Maddie beating Cassie up saying “Beat her ass, Maddie, she deserves it!”

9. Jules

Invalid, period. No explanation. She isn't worth our time.

10. Elliot

Invalid. Now, Elliot, you were singing for way too long in the season finale. Then you had the audacity to say it's not done yet. What? Rue apologized to you, but you sat and stared her in the face and did not say you hooked up with her girlfriend. Yeah, Elliot is canceled. Also, is Jules just forgetting that Elliot is a drug addict too? It seems as if she has a type.

11. Ethan

Ethan, you put your all in that play. Instantly valid. He’s definitely getting a scholarship to Juilliard. How would he write about Lexi’s play in his application though? The play was rather very explicit in certain details.

12. Faye

Now Faye, those lips of yours should've said something a little bit earlier, but we understand the situation. I'm happy she spoke up, and for that, Faye is valid.

13. Gia

Valid only because we had fewer ugly crying scenes. I'm proud of you, Gia. I think she deserves an episode. Personally, I would love to see how Rue’s drug addiction has been weighing on her, including with Rue now getting clean. Like does Gia believe that her sister is actually trying now?

14. Cal

I'm happy that you are embracing who you are. But embrace who you are in prison. Not valid. I would have liked for him to reunite with his best friend Derek just to see how that storyline would play out.

15. Suze

Instantly valid. She honestly wins the mom of the year award. She was so supportive of Lexi’s play and Ethan’s performance.

16. Laurie

Invalid. You only made it on this list because I am genuinely concerned about what you are going to do to Rue since she doesn’t have the suitcase anymore. Hopefully, nothing as the cops will more than likely be investigating you soon because of Faye’s comment.

17. Ash

Valid. He was so loyal to Fez to the end. I just wished he had listened and waited.

18. Labyrinth

Valid. I know he is not a character but honorable mention to him for writing the entire score of the season. He put his whole labrussy in all the songs he created.


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