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By: Helena Horvat

As the tab settled onto my tongue I stared at Ezra. He smiled with his glossy grey eyes, gently petting my blond curls.

“You ready?” I wasn’t. Time spread through my fingers like sand. Ezra’s cheese cheeks grew mold up to his eye sockets. Each word that came out of his mouth echoed through my bones. Something dripped from my head. Did I shower?

“I… I can’t” my lip grew too heavy for my jaw.

“Can’t what?!” Why is he yelling at me? His figure pulsated above me. A shadow enveloping me into a black puddle.

“Can’t what Anna?!” My heart burst out my bird cage chest, rolling down to the next room. I held my body tightly to keep the rest of me inside. It’ll be over tomorrow. It’ll be over tomorrow. It’ll be over tomorrow. Each breath left me wanting more until it escaped me completely and I fell numb.

My eyes opened slowly to see a bed I didn’t remember getting in. Oh my God. My clothes from yesterday were neatly folded on top of the nightstand. I felt an ant crawl on my left arm. Slapped myself as hard as I could to kill it, but it somehow escaped. All of a sudden there were ten more. I ripped off the covers and saw thousands underneath. What the heck?! I frantically patted down the bed in search of my phone. A text from Ezra.

Do you feel better babe? I looked ahead to the mirror above the bed. A woman with dark dropping skin, black eyes, and grey hair stared back at me.


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