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Body Positive Pool Party

By Emily Clute

Photos by Bailey Cummings

Published October 1, 2019

Last Thursday, the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center hosted a Trans/Body Positive Pool Party in the Physical Education Building.

The Body Positivity movement has garnered a large following online, but the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center has brought the movement to campus.

The event was designed to provide a safe space for all bodies to swim, make friends, and most importantly, have fun.

Gender-neutral bathrooms and private changing rooms were available, accommodating all bodies.

This was the feedback from some of the attendees:

“It’s pretty empowering, considering that as a trans guy, I didn’t feel welcome in these kinds of places for a longtime. So being able to just take my shirt off and jump in the pool, it feels really great.” — Chris Franza, UAlbany alum

“Normally, I wouldn’t go swimming if there were other students in the pool. It’s just a lot more comfortable to be here in this space because you know people aren’t going to be judging you based on what your body looks like.” — Amanda Hoffman, UAlbany senior


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