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UAlbany Campus Recreation Facilities and Activities Expected to Expand Availability in the Fall

By Madison Wortman | May 11, 2021

In UAlbany’s Fall 2021 Plans, the university stated that campus recreation activities will return.

Sarah Wolanin, the Assistant Director of Member Services and Facility Operations, said, “we will ideally reopen the fitness centers without appointments, however, will still likely need to require health screen and masks.”

Currently, in order to use the recreation and fitness facilities, students must make an appointment 24 hours in advance and complete their daily Student Health Screening prior to entry.

“I think it’s good being freer with what time you can come,” Freshman Jason Samulik said. “Not having to worry about being late or finishing a workout within an hour will be nice.”

“If I want to work out longer, then I can,” said Freshman Shawn Behrent.

Many students are also wondering about the return of group exercise classes. Wolanin said that group exercise classes “will return in the same fashion as the fitness centers.”

Jillian Mertzlufft, the Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, also says that group exercise classes will have “no appointment, but a health screening, mask, and swipe.”

In regard to club and intramural sports, the staff is hoping for a ‘pre-COVID’ return, with “necessary restrictions that are placed by the state or the university,” according to Mertzlufft.

A full reopening to campus recreation activities is dependent on the rise of COVID-19 vaccination rates, NYS guidelines for fitness centers and sports, and how UAlbany continues their reopening plans.

“Mid-May capacity is supposed to expand to 50% in fitness spaces. So as long as that trend continues, we should be continuing expansion of services in the fall,” Mertzlufft said.


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