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UAlbany Experiences Changing Enrollment Demographics

By Julia Ross-McGuire | March 7, 2022

Photo Credit: University at Albany website

UAlbany has worked to increase its enrollment rates in the last several years, seeing an increase in overall undergraduate enrollment of 6% since 2018. That being said, downward trends in many College of Arts and Sciences programs speaks to a changing demographic at the university.

Growth can be seen in colleges such as the School of Public Health and Criminal Justice with select growth amongst programs including: Electrical, Computer Engineering, and Environmental and Sustainable Engineering.

Enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences has seen a consistent decrease of 4.83% since 2018.

The College of Arts and Sciences comprises a wide variety of majors such as Anthropology, Biology, Music and Theater, as well as Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Jeanette Altarriba stated that, “in a college as large and as diverse as the College of Arts and Sciences, it can be difficult to discern whether an enrollment dip from one year to another is meaningful.

“These past two years, especially, have been unusual due to the pandemic, and it is too soon to conclude whether they are indicative of a broader trend,” Altarriba said.

“The University’s Strategic Enrollment Management plan provides an action plan to increase enrollment across all levels at UAlbany. Within CAS, academic Departments are partnering with Admissions to increase enrollment by way of their evening Spotlight Series and forthcoming open houses,” Altarriba said. “Our Departments also are proactively reaching out to prospective students to build connections and recruit new students.”

As the University looks to return to normalcy following COVID-19, more consistent enrollment trends will likely emerge, confirming our demographics.


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