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UAlbany Hockey Club Loses to Brockport in 8-6 Game

By Jacob Ceron | Feb 6, 2023

Photo Credit: Jacob Ceron / The ASP

It was a close match on the ice on Saturday, January 28 when the University at Albany Hockey Club fell to SUNY Brockport in an 8-6 home game. In the first period UAlbany struggled as Brockport scored four goals within the beginning moments of the game around 10 minutes in, while the Great Danes scored one goal as well as racking up three penalties.

However, things began to shift around the second period when UAlbany was able to get a rhythm going and scored three goals, while also holding Brockport back from scoring. Three penalties were issued in the second period. And to add on, there were two fights on the ice both instigated by Brockport with offenseman Oliver Exware and Matt Marcinelli in the second period around nine minutes in. There were no ejections from UAlbany in both fights, only Brockport had one ejection after one of their players cross checked offenseman Oliver Exware.

However, Brockport just had a little bit more to give, scoring four goals within the first 10 minutes of the third period. With the help of defenseman AJ Tarquino, UAlbany was able to score two more goals. This brought things to an 8-6 final score and a final six penalties for the third period. Defenseman TJ Palumbo is quoted as saying “the game was pretty tough, but we felt we did our best.”

In total, there were 12 penalties over the course of the game, UAlbany scored six goals and had a total of three penalties, while Brockport had eight goals with a total of nine penalties. With the result, UAlbany fell to 5-6-1 while Brockport moved to 2-11.


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